Birdhouse project for Lilies site

The Park has requested our assistance in building 150 bird houses and feeders. These must be built to plan, and unpainted ( Sorry, no heraldic birdhouses )

The numbers needed are as follows:

Barn Owl Box – 1 to 2
Bird Feeders – 10
Bluebird Box – 75
Rabbit Traps – 1 to 2 of each style (2 styles)
Squirrel Dens – 10
Wren Box – 10
Wren/Chickadee style – 10
Bat Houses – 3-5 of each style (4 styles)
Kestrel Box – 10
Wood Duck Box 5

Plans are online at:

They do not want anything painted for a number of reasons, raw wood, preferred is cedar.

Please choose a house that is at the top of your skill level to leave easier ones for the beginners.

I love the idea of the kids doing some, and as it turns out, the blue bird is a very easy one and we need 75!

Please notify Lothar if you are planning to build one or more of these.