Unofficial Report from the Board of Directors Meeting on the 4th Peerage

Reposted from Facebook, posted by Monica Gaudio:

Let’s start with me saying that this is *my impression* of how things went down with the Masters of Defense at the BOD meeting today at the quarterly meeting and I’ll also start with a summary –

TL;DR – MoD failed 3 to 5; Corpora IX.C deleted and Rapier no longer ancillary activity, four dukes and a knight who attended said rapier should be in the Chivalry – and the BOD removed roadblocks for that to happen.

The much longer version –

Let me state, for the record, that a BOD meeting was not even remotely like what I thought it would be. It’s definitely not “Here Be Dragons”, it was a bunch of people holding a group meeting, much like a SCA shire or Barony business meeting. Everyone has ideas and opinions and they are trying to do what is best for our Society. Also, the idea that things are finalized before the meeting – nope! The MoD Vote went down to the wire, each vote matter and people were swayed at the time. (Here’s the list of the directors btw –

The discussion on the MOD started off with the numbers. Lisa C. reads off the recent polling. It is not good – only 345 people commented. Only 146 of those were “Yes – 4th peerage.” A large number of the no’s (I think a majority but that was not stated specifically) were “No, it should be in the chiv.”

I am using personal names for the Directors (as I can find those on the website easily) and using SCA names for the audience members. I am also writing this up, likely out of order.

Lisa M. (Margaret) discusses how two previous committees gave us guidance and that both of the committee said yes, there should be a 4th peerage. She discusses them a bit further and the work that they did.

Lisa C. (Marion) discusses how Ealdormere doesn’t have a separate AOA or Grant level award for prowess – and that there shouldn’t be a 4th peerage for just rapier. That she’d be more for an omnibus peerage.

Arthur D. (Cuan) is for the 4th peerage and discusses the good of the rapier community.

Two knights in the audience discuss how rapier should be in the chivalry. It is clear from the discussion that several of those in the audience feel that this should have been done many years ago. There was also some discussion on how it has not been done due to the insular nature of some members of the Chivalry. (Much stronger words were used, btw. Like “meathead.”)

Several in the audience discuss how it is time that rapier had a peerage and are not likely to be accepted by the Chivalry, so the 4th peerage is likely the way to go.

John F. (John the Bearkiller) talks very sweetly and very passionately about rapier and tells us a funny story about pink lace and about how rapier has changed over the decades, about how now the rapier community is now the ones doing SCA “stuff” – bringing people in, making sure they have a place to stay, putting them in clothing and armor, and being good SCAdians. He then talks about how the rapier community, collectively, has done more to promote the SCA than other martial activities have and he’s for the Rapier Peerage.

Andrew C. (Ailgheanan) spoke about how much this had been weighing on his mind and he went back and read every single comment. One came from a current King who felt rapier fighters should be in the chivalry, and not have a 4th peerage.

In the audience, we start asking questions like, “Well, can a King knight a rapier fighter? What does Corpora say?” We read aloud from Corpora ( – page 31) and we all listen to Andrew read about the Chivalry. We come to this line, “The candidate must be considered the equal of his or her prospective peers with the basic weapons of tournament combat. “Then it’s asked if Tournament combat is defined – and the answer is no.

David K and Scott B. also talk and are against the 4th peerage idea. (IIRC) My recollection of their words is incomplete. David K. did indicate that he is for rapier should be in the chivalry.

The vote then happens – Arthur, John, and Lisa M are Yes. Everyone else is No. And the 4th peerage is voted down. Other business occurs and we go to the lunch break.

At 2PM, we come back from lunch and the BOD has had an executive session. They come back in – and then, Lisa M. proposes a change to Corpora – the language use in the last section of APEC – removal of IX.C and the addition of “C. Royal Lists – Only Chivalric (rattan) combat shall be used for formal tournament lists for royal ranks.”

It passes completely unanimously.

My personal opinion from being there – I feel that the BOD was removing whatever blocks that they thought were necessary or that might be perceived to keep a King or Queen from making a knight who has prowess in rapier.