From Her Royal Majesty Ylva, Patroness of the Arts

Another great opportunity at Pennsic! This one is for the A&S War Point, and has been offered to Calontir by TRMs Ealdormere, Nigel and Adrielle. The entrant would need to be “unwreathed” (not a Laurel), and other information is below. Please contact ME ASAP if you are interested. We want to let Them know by Friday at noon.

“Basics of the A&S War Point

When – Thursday of War Week, in the Great Hall. 9-3pm

Entrants are encouraged to arrive around 8-ish to set up- each entrant will pick a number out of a hat, which will correspond to a table space. (Approximately 3-4 feet). Artisans are encouraged to stand by their displays to interact with visitors but it is not mandatory.

Judging is by “populace choice”- any person with an A&S award given to them from a Crown (AoA, GoA, and Peerage levels) will receive 3 pony beads to vote with. Judging takes place from 9-3. From 3-4pm the votes are tallyed, and results are announced at 4.

Documentation is not required, but, because at least some of the voters are laurels, it is probably wise to provide it. The works of a specific artisan are judged as a body of work- so you could bring one mas terpiece, or several smaller pieces. Last years winners spanned the gamut- we had one single, extraordinary piece as the top winner on one side, and multiple part bodies of work win for the other side.

The Great Hall will be overseen by volunteers during the competition- A&S Officers and solicited help from several kingdoms, but there’s always room for more volunteers. 🙂

We would love to be able to show off one of Our artisans in this way!

Ylva drottning