Announcements: From Their Royal Majesties, Re: Resolution to Further Lift Suspension of In-Person Activity in the SCA as of August 1, 2021

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Unto the People of Calontir,

Yesterday the Society announced the repeal of some of the restrictions on our SCA experience, beginning August 1. Those new directives can be found here:

Resolution to Further Lift Suspension of In-Person Activity in the SCA as of August 1, 2021

Know that We hear your concerns and continue to monitor the rising Covid numbers within our borders.

We will continue to help strictly enforce all Local, State, and Federal Guidelines at both events and local practices and meetings, and expect Our local group leadership to do so as well. We strongly encourage vaccination for all who can do so. Please help protect those of us who have legitimate medical restrictions and cannot get vaccinated themselves. We ask that everyone take the responsibility of their health, and the health of our community very seriously.

Please respect personal boundaries, wear masks when rules or personal comfort dictate. (As of now our masking rules are not changing: Those who have been fully vaccinated may be unmasked if they wish while outdoors.) Remember that we must still follow all official masking guidelines for the location of an event, and be cognizant of the fact that if you are traveling from an area of higher risk to attend an event, you may still wish to mask up for the safety of others.

Please do not attend events if you do not feel well.

While the most recent science indicates that the unvaccinated are still at the greatest risk of extreme symptoms, this does not mean the vaccine is a perfect defense. This new Delta variant is much more contagious, and the vaccinated can still contract and spread it to others.

The pandemic is not yet ended but we can, for now, continue to enjoy each other’s company and the SCA responsibly.

We may not be masked 100% of the time, but if you approach either of Us in conversation or in court while wearing a mask, We will do so as well to ensure the comfort of Our populace.
The SCA is an organization of chivalry and community. Please remember these values and help set a good example for the rest of the Known World.

TRM Lucian and Tamar