Announcement – From the Lilies War Master Scheduler

From Mistress Elasait:

Hello! I am the Lilies War master scheduler.

Except for RUSH classes and things directly to do with the Known World Historic Combat Studies Symposium, everything that appears on the war schedule goes through me.

  • Got a tourney you want to sponsor? Contact me!
  • Got a party you want to throw? Contact me!
  • Got a nifty idea for OAFish fun? Contact the OAFocrats first to get it cleared, and then contact me to get it on the schedule.

I can be reached via email at While people are welcome to contact me via Facebook in order to ask questions or check if a particular day, time, or venue is available, it will need to come through my email in order to actually end up on the schedule. That gives me a reliable record of everything to check on.

I know lots of cool stuff is going to happen at Lilies, and my job is to make sure it’s on the schedule so people know about it, and to try and help people avoid conflicts like, oh, a Fyrd tourney up against a Fyrd meeting.   So, let me know what cool stuff you want me to schedule!

Please feel free to distribute this on local Facebook groups, etc.

Mistress Elasait ingen Diarmata

Chieftains court summaries, February 23, A.S. 53

On the field:
Ívarr fótviss – Iren Hirth
Wilhelm von Brandt – Iren Fyrd

In evening court:
Bero von Wustenbrunner – Torse

Other court tidings:
HRH Kateryn of the Midrealm extended an invitation to the Middle Kingdom’s 50th Year celebration.
Gifts were exchanged between Calontir and the Middle.
Count Matsunaga Kagetora won the Chieftains Mace Tournament.
Duke Hirsch Ross Eichman won the bear pit armored tourney.
Lord Deo MacCillian won a prize for being the most inspirational armored fighter.
Warder Raphael di Merisi from Midrealm won the Steel tournament.
Mistress Sancha Lestrange won the A&S competition.
Mugs were gifted to 6 newcomers.
The Shire of Calanais Nuadh presented largess and a tithe.
Letters of intent to become Kingdom Minister of Arts & Science are due by Spring Crown Tourney (13 April).  Interviews will be at Unslung Heroes (4 May).
The Shire of Wyvern Cliffe presented a tithe.
Letters of intent to become Kingdom Archer General are due by 30 March.
Letters of intent to enter Crown Tournament are due by 5 April.
A boon was begged for Bataciqan-nu Ko’un Ashir to join the Order of the Laurel.

French miniature, 14th Century. Nature offers Machaut three of her children – Sense, Rhetoric, and Music. Public domain in the US

Calontir Storycorps at Chieftains and Crown Tourney

The Bavarian Herald Jörg Rügen around 1510. Public Domain in the US

Come, bring us your stories!

Calontir Storycorps is collecting the recollections of the populace at Chieftains and Crown Tourney this Spring! We would like to hear and record SCA stories (or at least involving SCA people): stories you were there for personally, stories that were told to you, and events/happenings you think pivotal to our history. We can record your story day of, or you can arrange a phone-call or to send us your own audio file. Why? We want to fill in the story of the kingdom, get points of view from our elder members especially, and ultimately provide a source for future Calontiri to use in creating performances and written histories in the period style. Please find/contact me (Elynor) at the event to sign up for an interview!

Legal stuff: In future we may seek to post the actual recordings or transcripts online so that they may be easily accessible to the populace.To that end each participant will be asked to sign a Society media release form, to give permission for use (and which kinds of use: audio, transcript) at the time of the recording.


Announcement: President’s Report for the January 2019 Board Meeting Is Now Available

Detail from the Hunterian Psalter, Glasgow University Library MS Hunter 229 (U.3.2) circa 1170. Public domain in the US

John Fulton, President for the SCA, has announced that a report from his office is now available on the SCA website. This report contains the publishable summaries and commendation sections from each Society Officer’s  January 2019  report, as well as publishable summaries submitted by various Board committees.

The report can be located here: . Questions or commentary regarding this report should be directed to Mr. Fulton at

If you wish to send in comments, please use “Jan 2019 President’s Report Commentary” as the subject line.

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:

SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas,  CA 95036

You may also email

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc.  Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

800 Medieval Manuscripts

A few months ago the British Library and the Bibliothèque nationale de France made 800 Medieval manuscripts available online. These manuscripts are from the period 700 CE to 1200 CE.

The Bibliothèque nationale de France’s trilingual website allows users to search manuscripts in English, French and Italian.

The British Library website presents a curated selection of these manuscripts.


Bibliothèque nationale de France:


British Library:

From the Editor: Feed the Wiki!

Printer, 1568 by Jost Amman

It has been a busy day here at the Falcon Banner.

Covering Queen’s Prize 2019, with the help of Nesscia and Dorcas, has been a great joy. Hopefully we provided those of you who could not make it a taste of the wonderful work that was presented. And those of you who were busy judging, being judged or attending meetings, got to see some of what you missed.

In any article, we link folks’ names to their persona page at the Calontiri Wiki.  This is our sister web site that is the loving labor of Mistress Sofya la Rus. Sofya provides a personal page for all Calontiri to show their beautiful faces, their arms, their interests and accomplishments.  These pages can be a much more detailed picture of folks than the official or, not to take anything away from those important resources.

I know my old brain really appreciates it when I can look people up in the Wiki and put a face to the name. How about you?

But, it is in the nature of a wiki that it requires community participation. That means, you need to fill in your own page — or fill in friends pages for them — in order for it to work.

Sofya has written articles on how to do this, but it is pretty simple:

  1. Email Sofya at to set up your page and/or account. Sometimes pages are set up already, in which case
  2. Go to the Basic Instructions page and follow the instructions to add text, photos, arms to the page you want to edit
  3. Edit to your heart’s desire, save it, and the Kingdom will rejoice!

I strongly encourage everyone to take the time to make sure they have a page that reflects them. Why not do it today?


Select Videos of Performances at Queen’s Prize 2019

Videos courtesy of Mathurin Kebusso

(Apologies to Elaisse de Garrigues; the video of your performance was lost)

These are clips of the complete performances.

Da’ud ibn al-Kabsh al-Garnati al- Mai’ez, called Maaz, “A hakawati style reading of stories and histories of Abd al-Rahman I”




Melanie de la Tour, “Musical Performance (voice and mandolin) of a John Dowland song, Awake Sweet Love




Pádraigín an Ein i gh, “The Foulest Place of Mine Arse is Fairer Than Thine Face: Them’s Fighting Words, A Demonstration in Taboo Language”

PARENTAL WARNING:  This video contains adult language and themes.