A letter from the Kingdom Seneschal to the Society Seneschal

The following is a letter from the Calontir Kingdom Seneschal to the Society Seneschal.

Sir Modius von Mergentheim, Seneschal of the Society, Laurel and Pelican of the Society, Lion of Ansteorra, Defender of the Dream, who may, at any time, walk unbidden into the Court of Their Royal Majesties Ansteorra and speak his mind, it is with sadness in my heart and a tear in my eye that I, Maighster Murdoch, your humble servant, recommend myself to thee and beg thee hear my words.

Due to the lack of National Members in the area of Calontir known as the College of No Mountain, I am recommending to you, the Society Seneschal, and the Board of Directors of the SCA that the branch go into abeyance status. This will relieve the branch from any disciplinary action related to a lack of reporting, insufficient membership, or other similar circumstances.

The branch must immediately turn over all bank account materials to the Kingdom Exchequer. The Kingdom Exchequer will maintain the bank account materials until the branch is fully reinstated or dissolved.

The branch must also turn over to both the Kingdom Seneschal and the Kingdom Exchequer a complete list of all branch property. During the term of abeyance, branch property shall be maintained by an individual or individuals approved by the Kingdom Seneschal and the Kingdom Exchequer.

The branch name and heraldry will be maintained for the branch by the College of Heralds. No other individuals or groups may register heraldry that significantly conflicts with those of the branch.

During the term of abeyance, the populace of the branch are strongly encouraged to recruit new members from the institution known as Grinnell College. An increase in membership is paramount to the ending of the abeyance and reinstatement of the branch. It is recommended that at a minimum, the populace number at least ten people with six of those being paid national members of the SCA. To be reinstated as a College, the majority of the populace must have a direct connection to the institution. If this is not the case, the branch cannot be reinstated as the College of No Mountain. Upon an appropriate increase in populace, the branch may petition the Kingdom Seneschal to be reinstated to full status.

The term of abeyance shall be reviewed annually in December by the Kingdom Seneschal and shall last no longer than two years from the date the abeyance is granted by the Board of Directors. At that time, the Kingdom Seneschal shall make a recommendation to the Society Seneschal as to the group’s status; reinstatement or dissolution. Under special circumstances, the Kingdom Seneschal may recommend continuing the abeyance. However, this is not the suggested course of action.

The College of No Mountain has a long history in Calontir. These are just a few of those who were once directly associated with the institution of Grinnell College: His Grace Shadan, Mistress Diachbha, Master Andrixos, Sir Hyrim, Master Christian, Mistress Diana, Master Brendan, Mistress Olga, Countess Iliyanna, and Master Lars.

The College of No Mountain is the only local group within the SCA which permanently has land at Pennsic War which none may claim as their own and all are invited to share. Runestone Field is well known through out the Society. The text of the rune stone reads “In honour of Pennsic X. In war we test our honor, courage and strength. Let no man strike in anger. Let no man lie in pain. The people of Gnomountain erected this stone and Lars carved it.”

It is with a sad heart that I, Murdoch Stiubhard, recommend the abeyance of No Mountain. I urge all of Calontir and the Known World to assist the College of No Mountain in regaining full status. We cannot allow Runestone Field to become a memorial to a branch that is no more.

I remain a servant of the Crown.
Maighster Murdoch, Calon Steward