Toys for Tots Tournament Court Summaries, November 18, A. S. 52

As always, corrections to spellings of names will be gratefully accepted.

Afternoon court:
Hamlinius – Iren Fyrd (corrected from previous posting)
Faustus Cantilius Lupus – Iren Hirth
Arnsfast Rikardson – Iren Hirth
The Premier members of the Order of Defense in Calontir were made. They are:
Donald Andrew MacDonald, Gawin Kappler and Ravasz Janos

Evening court:
Conna ingen Ui Chearbhaill – Pelican
Elena Skynith – Golden Calon Swan
Amanda of Standing Stones – AoA
Hálfgrímr hafreki (aka Halvgrimr Riddari) – Cross of Calontir
Alanora O’Keefe – Cross of Calontir
Thaddeus Ellenbach – Cross of Calontir
Lena van Nijmegen – AoA
Da’ud ibn al-Kabsh al-Ma’iz al-Garnati – Torse
Severin Svendottir – Laurel

Other court tidings:
Zach was the winner of the T4T Youth Combat tourney.
Duke Anton Rhaghelan was the winner of the Cut & Thrust tourney.
Charles von Bayrreuth was the winner of the Novice tourney.
Count Caius Rectus Xerxis was the winner of the T4T Armored Combat tourney.
There were 2371 toys collected.
Halvgrimr Riddari brought the most toys as an individual, and was given possession of the Coordinators Award, given to Calontir by the USMC.
The Shire of Standing Stones brought the most toys as a group.
Honorable Lady Juliana della Rena won the raffle.
5 newcomers were given mugs.
Emissaries from Atenveldt brought greetings and gifts for Their Majesties and Their Highnesses.

Detail of fol. 5r from Royal Armouries Ms. I.33, circa 1300. Public domain in the US

The Coronation of Ashir and Ashland


The Coronation of Bataciqan-nu Ko’un Ashir and Her Excellency Ashland de Mumford

January 13, 2018. Site open 8am to 9pm

St Peters Parish, Selinger Exhibit Hall
216 Broadway
Jefferson City
MO 65101

Event website:

Adult Event Registration: $15
Adult Member Discount Registration: $10
Children 17-12 years of age: $5
Children under 12 Free
Family Cap $30
Makes checks payable to SCA Inc. Shire of Wyvern Cliffe

$5 donation for the Central Missouri Food Bank

Meat pie, a pickle, a piece of fruit , a hunk of cheese and a bit of candied citrus as a sweet bite at the end

Inn Steward:
Her Excellency Elianor de Moreland
573-363-3638 no calls after 9pm please

German inspired Feast (Menu to be announced)
$10 per meal
80 meals available

Feast Steward:
Her Excellency Gabriella von Fredrichstahl
573-761-5963 no calls after 9pm please

Dirty Dozen Donation Derby By Her Excellency Konstantia Kaloethina

Event Steward:
Her Excellency Catalina de Arazuri

Post expires at 10:33am on Tuesday January 30th, 2018

A Day in the Life of a Norse Village Court Summary, November 11, A.S. 52

In evening court:
Sofia of Deodar (aka Sofia die Heilerin) – AoA
Bear of Deodar – Torse
Eimear de Culfre – Torse
Jarmarr Mapstones – Golden Calon Swan
Thomas Mailer – Torse
Troy of Couer d’Ennui – AoA
Úlfr Þorgrimsson – Torse
Brigida von München – Pelican

Other court tidings:
9 newcomers received mugs.
Greetings and gifts were brought from Oertha.


The Bavarian Herald Jörg Rügen around 1510. Public Domain in the US

Web Flyer Hosting

Men harvesting wheat, Queen Mary’s Psalter, circa 1310. Public domain in the US

Deodar has been having issues with its website for some time and has not been able provide a flyer link to the Kingdom website for “A Day In The Life Of A Norse Village” event. We have posted the information taken from the Facebook event page for the event here:

This is probably an issue many groups run into from time to time.

The Falcon Banner will immediately begin offering web flyer hosting for groups who have no website, or whose website is experiencing difficulties. Customization will be limited, but it will at least provide a shareable link that can be given to the Kingdom Webminister.

If your group finds itself in need of this service, please contact us via email.


A Day In The Life Of A Norse Village

Site fee

Adult event registration $17.00, Adult member discount event registration $12.00, Children 6 to 17 event registration $6.00, 5 and under free. Family cap $36.00

Tentative Schedule

09:00:00 AM site opens
09:30:00 AM field opens authorizations​ and inspection
10:00:00 AM-3pm Brigda vigil start
10:00:00 AM-11am cut and thrust holmgang
11:00:00 AM-1pm armored holmgang
11:30-1:30pm Inn
02:00:00 PM dance class
03:00:00 PM all compitions judge
03:15:00 PM silent actions done
04:00:00 PM wedding
4:30-5 start of court
30min after court feast
all day chess
fiber demo
Site closes around 8ish.

SITE IS DRY!!!! as is Sahara Dry

Feast Menu:
Breads and herb butter, pickled garlic and pickles on the table
1st remove
Chicken Pies with Roasted Vegetables
2nd remove
Roast Pork Loin with Buttered Carrots
Dessert Smorgasbord (self serve)

Beef Stew/Vegetarian Veg Soup
And a dessert.

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Men harvesting wheat, Queen Mary’s Psalter, circa 1310. Public domain in the US

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