The Duvant Inn Fundraiser for The Falcons

From Facebook, via The Castrum:

Greetings unto Calontir.

Many of us in Gleann Abhann were deeply saddend by the news of the horrible loss of your noble falcons. We also remember years ago when Hurricane Katrina ravaged our new kingdom how the fine people of Calontir came to our aid with all sorts of aid.

On the weekend of October 23rd to 25th the Baronies of Three Rivers and Grey Niche will be locked in a war at “The Castrum” in Lafe, AR. Our tavern on site will host a fund raiser with all proceeds going to help your fair kingdom once again have your proud falcons. I.D. will be required and a sign with a suggested donation will be visible. Bring your pouches full and your tankards and horns empty.

We have never forgot what you have done for us and we are now there for you. We will see you soon at the “Duvant Inn” that will be dedicated to Sir Francois Duvant in May at “Atheneaeum”

UPDATED: News from Calontir Spring Crown Tourney 2015

Corrected and updated due to the exigencies of typing with my thumbs:

Sir Xerxes and Mistress Baroness BelAnna de Rouge de Anjou are Calontir’s newest Prince and Princess. Huzzah!

In other news from Crown:

Sir Duncan of Skeene, Kingdom Earl Marshal announce that he is seeking applicants for two Regional Deputies and Kingdom Archer General.

Andromir and Tola Rufusdottir announced there will be an auction at Kingdom A&S to benefit the Falcon Fund.

Baron Gabriel andvaka Kjotvason of Lonely Tower stepped down, and was made a Baron of the Court.

Guillaume de la Sudeterre was offered membership in the Order of the Laurel. Vigil and ceremony will be announced later.


CALONTIR Kingdom Arts and Sciences

From the Calonlist:

Good Morning Calontir!

As you know the deadline for entering Kingdom Arts and Sciences is fast approaching, and we are diligently working to make sure we have every entrant and judge form entered into our system. However, there seems to be a few glitches in the system, and while the wonderful Web Minister is hunting down the gremlin that caused these glitches, we are concerned that some of the forms may have slipped through the cracks in to the netherworld of cyber space.

We need your help Calontir! If you sent in a form, either as an entrant or as a judge, we are asking you to double check the website for you name.

Championship entries can be found here:

Tri-Level entries can be found here:

Judges can be found here:

If you sent in a form and you don’t see your name on the appropriate list please contact Mistress Ishmala​ at donyllc or myself at beaumont_rebecca

We sincerely thank you for your help in this matter. And if you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Mistress Rebecca Beaumont

P.S. Please feel free to cross post this missive to any appropriate list or page.

Dirge for The Falcons

From Lord Da’ud ibn Ibrahim al-Sisari, mka Adam Elkan-Hale, via Facebook:

After reading Andromir’s post regarding the death of our Kingdom’s birds, I was inspired to a write a song. The link below is to a recording of Johanna singing the piece.

Dirge for The Falcons

From seacoast lands did the host march home
Hearts and minds did soar
Telling tales of the war fray’s work
Wishing for one day more

Then loudly cried Lord Andromir
With story of fire and woe
Master Freidrich’s wagon burns
All is lost in tow

Calontir has her falcons lost
Her mighty birds of prey
The Knowne World weeps with Calontir
This black and mournful day

Talons, beaks were razor sharp
Like Calon army’s spears
Your eyes saw far with keen cold glance
Our eyes now shed tears

Calontir has her falcons lost
The Singing Kingdom weeps
Bright Cal’trava’s shine is dimmed
Calon birds now sleep

Cinnamon, Artemis, and kestrel R’an
Lady and Winter white
Fly to Valhalla, to Odin’s arm
Feast on flesh tonight

Calontir has her falcons lost
Empty the Heartland skies
Hearts are heavy, but in your names
Gold falcons shall ever fly

Hearts are heavy, but in your names
Gold falcons shall ever fly

January 2015 LOAR Results

Collected from the Calonlist, via Gunnar Thorisson, Vert Hawk Herald

CALONTIR acceptances

Agnes von Heidelberg. Device. Per chevron throughout azure and argent, two garbs Or and a lamb couchant azure maintaining over its shoulder a wooden spoon proper.

Amerigo de Tincto da Venezia. Name and device. Vair, on a bend sinister sable a quill pen argent.

Caitilín ingen Áengusa. Device. Per bend gules and sable, an elm tree and in canton a sun Or.

Caitríona ingen Láeghaire. Name and device. Per bend sinister azure and vert, a natural dolphin naiant bendwise sinister argent and a dragonfly bendwise sinister Or.

Submitted as Caitríona inghean Laoghaire, the genitive (possessive) form of the father’s name, Laoghaire, was documented as a 17th century Early Modern Irish spelling of a 5th century name. Thus, there is a gap of more than 500 years between the given name and byname. We have changed the name to Caitríona ingen Láeghaire, using a 10th century Middle Irish form of the byname that is temporally compatible with the Early Modern Irish Caitríona, in order to register the name.

Deidra de Warenne. Name change from holding name Deidra of Bonwicke.

This name was pended on the August 2014 Letter of Acceptances and Returns to allow commenters to document the given name Deidra or for the submitter to provide proof of her legal name. In addition, a second byname of Childentune was removed at that time with the submitter’s permission.

Deidra could not be documented to period. As documentation of the submitter’s legal name was provided, we are able to register this name.

Dorcas Whitecap. Badge. Argent, in saltire a wooden needle piercing the field and a sprig of rosemary proper.

Finna Firisdóttir. Name and device. Per bend sinister Or and azure, a raven sable maintaining in its foot an arum lily argent slipped and leaved vert, an orle gules.

Submitted as Finna Fyradottir, the formation of the patronym was not supported by the documentation. No evidence was found for the spelling Fyra-.

In commentary, Orle documented the 10th century Danish name Finna Firisdóttir from an area that is now part of Sweden. The given name and byname are derived from the masculine given names Finnr and Firir, respectively, themselves found in Lena Peterson’s Nordiskt runnamnslexikon. The submitter agreed to a change to this name. We are happy to make this change in order to register the name.

Finna Firisdóttir. Badge. Per bend sinister Or and azure, an arum lily argent and an orle gules.

Giovanni della Torre. Name and device. Per chevron gules and sable, two tilting lances in saltire and an armored horse’s head couped contourny Or.

Nice 15th century Italian name!

Goldcorn Moon. Name.

Howard of Yle. Name change from Howard of Brockenhurst and device change. Sable, two rams combattant and on a chief argent a bow sable.

The submitter’s previous name, Howard of Brockenhurst, is released.

The submitter’s old device, Vert, in pale three broad arrows and on a chief Or a battleaxe gules, is released.

Juliana de Loxelegh. Device. Per chevron argent and gules, two fleurs-de-lys gules and an owl affronty maintaining in its talons a key fesswise argent.

Khanzada Anaga. Name and device. Per bend sinister rayonny Or and argent, a peacock in its pride purpure and an elephant gules.

Submitted as Makduna Khanzada Anaga, the submitter requested a name from Mughal India.

Photocopies were provided for the title pages of the books cited in the Letter of Intent, but none of the relevant pages within the books were provided in the packet. Luckily for the submitter, kingdom was able to provide the additional pages so that we could consider the name.

Makduna was not documented in the Letter of Intent, and commenters were unable to provide further support for this element. As the submitter allows all changes, we have removed Makduna from the name.

Khanzada (“khan-born”) appears to be a given name dated to the reign of Humayan, who ruled from 1530-56. The documentation also includes a variant form, Khanzadeh. The question was raised in the Letter of Intent whether this term is presumptuous, as the example in the documentation summary was Khanzada Begum (“khan-born princess”). Annette S. Beveridge, The History of Humāyūn (Humāyūn-Nāma) (pp. 248-52) has examples of the pattern Khan-zada Begum + byname. An example is Khān-zāda Begam Mīrān-shāhī, daughter of Sultan Ma{h.}mūd Mīrān-shāhī and Khān-zāda Termizi. She also appears in a list of the daughters of her mother, Khān-zāda Termizi. Therefore, Khān-zāda appears to be used as a given name and not a title. Green Staff documented an alternative transliteration, Hânzâde, as a given name found in Istanbul (not Constantinople) in 1546. Therefore, we can give the submitter the benefit of the doubt that Khanzada is a plausible given name in our period, rather than a title or descriptive byname.

Under PN4B1 of SENA, Khanzada can only be used in contexts that make it clear that it is a given name and not a form of address or title. Green Staff noted that Khanzada is expected to follow the given name when used as a title. If we had not dropped Makduna, documentation would have needed to have been found to support Khanzada as a second element.
This low-contrast complex line of division remains identifiable.

Miyazaki Atsutaka. Device. Azure, a polypus argent each tentacle maintaining a bell and on a chief enarched wavy Or three estoiles azure.

Nikolai Kolpachnik Spiach’ev. Name change from Ambrogio di Dionisio Acciaiuoli and device change. Gules, a demi-stoat issuant from base Or.

The submitter’s previous name, Ambrogio di Dionisio Acciaiuoli, is retained as an alternate name.

The submitter’s old device, Purpure, a pall ermine, is retained as a badge.

Nice device!

Nikolai Kolpachnik Spiach’ev. Alternate name Kolushka Konstiantinov.

Nikolai Kolpachnik Spiach’ev. Badge. (Fieldless) A cornucopia sable fructed proper.

By default a cornucopia is palewise with the opening to chief.

Nikolai Kolpachnik Spiach’ev. Badge. (Fieldless) A bag of madder erminois.

Nice badge!

Nikolai Kolpachnik Spiach’ev. Blanket permission to conflict with alternate name Ambrogio di Dionisio Acciaiuoli.

Nikolai allows registration of a name that is at least one syllable different from his alternate name, Ambrogio di Dionisio Acciaiuoli.

Nikolai Kolpachnik Spiach’ev. Blanket permission to conflict with badge. Per bend sinister ermine and counter-ermine, a rose counterchanged sable and argent, a bordure gules crusily formy argent.

The submitter grants permission to conflict to armory that is at least one DC from his registered armory.

Nikolai Kolpachnik Spiach’ev. Blanket permission to conflict with badge. Purpure, a pall ermine.

The submitter grants permission to conflict to any armory that is at least one DC from his registered armory.

Nikolai Kolpachnik Spiach’ev. Release of alternate name Zhaba Zagriazhskoi.

The submitter’s alternate name, Zhaba Zagriazhskoi, is released.

Pascual Manrriquel Caminante. Name and device. Per pale sable and argent, a tricorporate wolf and a bordure denticulada counterchanged.

Nice late 15th century Spanish name!

Runa Jonsdottir. Name and device. Or, a sea-wolf gules tailed vert.

Sorcha inghean Fhaoláin. Name and device. Vert, on a pile between two thistles Or a wolf rampant sable.

Submitted as Sorcha inghean Faoláin, Faoláin needs to be lenited. Therefore, we have changed this element to Fhaoláin in order to register this name.

This name does not conflict with the registered Sorcha ní Fhaolain. Precedent states that,
The submitter requested the form Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaoláin if it could be justified. Unfortunately, this is a identical in sound to the registered Caelainn inghean Fhaolain. The particle was changed to inghean Uí in order to clear this conflict.

Prior precedents concerning the difference between inghean and inghean Uí reflect the now-obsolete Rules for Submission, which stated that, “Two bynames of relationship are significantly different if the natures of the relationships or the objects of the relationships are significantly different.” (in this case, a daughter rather than a relative of some ancestor). Under SENA, we no longer consider the nature of the relationship when determining conflict. Instead, the addition of a syllable (Uí) is enough to clear this conflict under PN.3.C.2, Substantial Change to One Syllable. [Caoilfhionn inghean Uí Fhaoláin, April 2014, A-East]

In the present submission, inghean has an additional syllable compared to ní (itself a contraction of inghean Uí). Therefore, this name is also clear under PN3C2 of SENA.

Tobias Oldenburg. Name and device. Per pale dovetailed purpure and vert, two chevronels and in chief two towers argent charged with a decrescent vert and a decrescent purpure.

This complex low-contrast line of division is identifiable here and thus registrable.

Wolfram Janssen. Name and device. Or, a bend sinister dancetty vert between a wolf and a ram both rampant contourny purpure.

In commentary, Goutte d’Eau found both elements dated to 1596, making this an excellent late period German name!

Ysabel de la Oya. Name.

Both the given name and byname can be found in the same town, dated to 1495, making this an excellent late period Spanish name!

CALONTIR returns

Rébeca la Chienne. Device change. Argent, a wooden harp with the forepillar carved as a dog proper, in chief three open scissors inverted vert.

This device is returned for conflict with the device of Ann Etheridge of Somerset: Argent, a harp proper, stringed sable, entwined about the pillar three thistles slipped and leaved proper. There is a DC for adding the scissors in chief. Any other DC would have to come from the harp. The fact that the harp’s forepillar is carved is a detail left unblazoned in period: The harp was blazoned on the LoI as having its forepillar in the shape of a harpy. Following the pattern of period heralds, as seen in the blazon of the arms of Ireland and others, we will not blazon details of the forepillars of harps, as they are considered artistic details. [Christina Butterman, LoAR of March 2009]

Nothing has been presented to overturn this precedent. The carving of the harp is an artistic detail, worth no difference, and the thistles on Ann’s device are clearly maintained charges, also worth no difference.

Tatiana Nikonovna Besprozvannyja. Device change. Gules, a natural demi-tiger erect regardant erased argent striped sable and an orle argent.

This device is returned for redraw. Please instruct the submitter on the proper way to draw erasing: either three or four prominent, pointed jags on the erasing, as described on the Cover Letter to the November 2001 LoAR:  Therefore, for purposes of recreating period armorial style for erasing, the erasing should (1) have between three and eight jags; (2) have jags that are approximately one-sixth to one-third the total height of the charge being erased; and (3) have jags that are not straight but rather are wavy or curved.

Alternatively, the submitter could also draw the charge clearly couped.

There is a step from period practice for the use of a natural (demi)tiger.

Crown List

From Their Majesties…..

The Crown List for this weekend is as follows:

Count Damien McGavin for Contesse Issabell St Charles

Master Jack Banyard for Mistress Cara Wythers

Riddari Halvgrimr Stormtossed for Baroness Gabriella Von Fredrichstahl

Sir Duncan McTorquil for Countess Fionna nic Alisdair

Sir Xerxes for Mistress BelAnna de Rouge de Anjou

Sir Colyne Grey for Lady Emma Marthokys

Sir Mar for Baroness Fionnuala inghean Fhearghuis

HL Jawhar ibn Akmel for Mistress Ishmala bint Yuhannah

HL Pepin of Forgotten Sea for Lady Cecilia de Gatisbury

HL Xandre for Lady Cordeilla uxor Alexander

HL ValdrickR inn danski for Lady Inga inn danski

HL Maren Þorskapitr for Master Owain ap Bleddyn y Llwyd

HL Hildibrandr Tjúguskegg for Lady Alessandra De Piro

Lady Amba Allrasystir for Lord Hrothgar the Smith

Lord Zachariah Lochrie for Lady Aine nic Taillier

Sad News from Gulf Wars

As reported by the East Kingdom Gazette:

Master Freiderich von Blumenkamp of Calontir, Lady Lora Ann Rós and their son Liam’s car caught on fire on the return trip. Although all the humans escaped safely, unfortunately, none of the birds escaped. Artemis, a 21 year old Harris Hawk, Cinnamon a 5 year old Red Tailed Hawk. Winter a 4 year old gyrfalcon, Lady a 16 year old Aplomado falcon and Ra’n, a 4 year old American Kestrel died in the fire.

A fund to help the family of falconers has been set up by Lord Andromir Vukovic.

For more details and a short memorial, read the article “In Memoriam:  The Calontir Falcons” at the East Kingdom Gazette.

Barony of Vtavia – Roman Fun and Games

A Funny Thing Happened…on the way to the Colosseum

Roman Fun and Games

Facebook Event Page

Hosted by the Barony of Vatavia
April 24-26, 2015

Site opens at 6:00 PM on Friday
Site closes noon on Sunday


Whispering Winds Camp
9601 West 73rd Street North
Valley Center, Kansas 67217

Site Fees:

$10.00 for adults, $5.00 for ages 6-17, children under 5 and under get in free. There is an additional $5.00 surcharge for each adult non-member. Family Cap is $30.00 (not including NMS). Make checks payable to “SCA Inc., Barony of Vatavia.”

Tavern is $5.00 per person.

Feast is $10.00 per person.

Site Information:

This is a camping event on a wet site. The site includes a full hall, plenty of camping space, a nature trail, showers, indoor restrooms, and fire pits. No ground fires are allowed! Dogs are allowed if on leash or in a run.


Take your best route to I-135 in Wichita, KS. Follow I-135 to the north edge of Wichita, to K-96 West. Continue on K-96 to Ridge Road. Take Ridge Road north to 73rd St. North. Turn left on 73rd St., and continue for several miles. The road leads to and ends at the First Presbyterian Church Camp. Look for SCA signs.

Please be sure to observe posted speed limits once you turn onto 73rd Street, as this is a residential and farm area.

Google map

Event Stewards:

Lady Deirdre de Warenne

Myghal Stanborough

Feast Steward:

Lady Grayce O’Malley

Classes and Activities:

Roman Oil Lamp Class
HL Sorcha O’Riain

Be prepared to get your hands dirty in this class. Students will learn how the Romans made their classic mold made lamps. Molds, tools, and red earthenware clay provided. Students have the option of taking their freshly made lamp home with them unfired, or leaving it, having it fired in a wood burning kiln at a later date and mailed to them for $5.00. beginner level/age limit 16/max class size 6 (2 hrs)

Javelin Throw:

A 2-D target on the ground, knock the chariot riders off the chariot

Sling making class:

How to make a sling similar to what was used in Rome before the rise of the bow and arrow. A Class fee of $2 is requested to help defray the cost of materials. Participants will leave with a sling, and time and space pending, a demo in slinging is a possibility.

Archery tourney:

This tourney will consist of 4 types of shoots, divided into ranked and un-ranked shooters. It will be a double elimination tourney, with the Grand Shoot pitting the ranked champion against the unranked champion.

Bardic competion:

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your voices and imaginations, for our ears are wanting entertainment! By Imperial decree, there will be a Bardic competition in the Great Hall just after lunch, at 1 PM. All orators are advised to bring their best stories, poems or songs and prepare to entertain the masses! This will be an open field, no theme restrictions or documentation required, so bring your finest work and prepare to do BATTLE!

A&S Competitions:

‘Roman Food and Wine’ (medium preferred: food and wine)

Roman Graffiti in any medium

Other activities:

A Gladiator Tournament, a Gladius (C&T) Tournament, an Archery Duel and Stick Horseback shoot, Stick Horse Equestrian Games, a Triumph for the winners, a Gaming Tavern and a Roman Feast!!!! The site will open Friday evening, and the Vatavian Spring Man at Arms Tournament will happen first thing Saturday morning!