Toys for Tots Tournament Court Summary, November 17, A.S. 53

In evening court:
Alec von Rosswald – Queen’s Chalice
Ewan von Rosswald – Queen’s Chalice
Batačiqan-nu kö’ün Ashir – Stile Fyrd
Gianna Viviani – Calon Lily
Paul Adler – Cross of Calontir
Dulcibella de Chateaurien – Cross of Calontir
Anna Plantyn – Laurel

Other court tidings:
There were 3083 toys collected.
The Barony of Forgotten Sea was the group who brought the most toys.
Sir Xandre and Lady Cordeilla were the individuals who brought the most toys.
Sir Anton Raghelan won the armored tournament.
Ásviðr Vakre won the youth tournament.
Meister Gawin Kappler won the Cut & Thrust tournament.
Franco Suares won the novice tournament.
HL Fiondel Songspinner won the A&S competition.
4 newcomers received mugs.
Sir Xandre called for donations of loaner armor for Youth Combat.
Lady Fabia Narcissa Patricia swore fealty as the new Kingdom Chronicler.
Countess Conna ingen uí Chearbhaill received the Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction.
A boon was begged for Alvira MacDonald to join the Order of the Pelican.

RUSH Provost Position Opening

Copyist-illuminator. Mid-15th Century. Public domain in the US

The Calontir Royal University of Scir Havoc (RUSH) is seeking a new Provost to serve on the RUSH board. The Provost serves as the administrative assistant to the RUSH chancellor.

The RUSH provost writes and distributes the minutes for the RUSH board meetings. Volunteers for this position should plan to be present at all scheduled meetings. Minutes should be sent to all board members and posted to the RUSH Board Facebook group within one week of the meeting.
The RUSH provost is also in charge of providing a quarterly update to the populace on RUSH activities. The new provost should be prepared to create a template for a short newsletter. The newsletter should include upcoming RUSH events and graduation dates, a summary of the past quarter’s RUSH events and a list of graduates, and RUSH policy updates.

Interested individuals should contact myself at to apply or with questions.

Happy Learning!
Duchess Aislinn
RUSH Chancellor

Agincourt from the French Side


We often think of the Battle of Agincourt from the English perspective; Henry V’s St. Crispins Day speech is just one of the mental images that Shakespeare indelibly etched on the history of that event, for better or worse.

By contrast, THL Lorraine Devereaux provides us with a collection of observations by a knight who was there — the French knight, Jehan de Wavrin. (The excerpts are from the book Eyewitness to History, by John Carey)


Download (DOC, 31KB)


Vertigo Court Summary, October 20, A.S. 53

In evening court:
Gaius Cornelius Scipio Titianus – AoA
Dana Tartare – AoA
Ívarr inn rauði – AoA

Other court tidings:
1 newcomer received a mug.
Ms. Rebecca Beaumont announced that Their Majesties were accepting application to be Chair of the Lilies Committee.
Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea was sworn in as the new Kingdom Webminister.
It was announced that Their Majesties are accepting Letters of Intent to be the new Kingdom Exchequer and the new Regalia Coordinator.
A boon was begged for Helena Soranzo to join the Order of the Laurel.

French miniature, 14th Century. Nature offers Machaut three of her children – Sense, Rhetoric, and Music. Public domain in the US

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Calontir to Adopt Shafted Combat Archery

Archery practice at earthen butts, c1325. The center markers are small wreaths. Detail from the Geoffrey Luttrell psalter. Public Domain in the United States

Gleaned from Facebook:


The Kingdom Earl Marshall Halvgrimr riddari announced at this past Crown Tournament that Calontir will be adopting the Society standards for shafted combat archery, with possibly a few variations.

Halvgrimr admonished all marshalls to familiarize themselves with the Society standards as they take immediate force in Calontir Combat Archery.

Halgrimr also acknowledged the dedication and work of THL John Bowyer in accomplishing this goal.

Crown Tournament Court Summaries, October 13, A.S. 53

On the field:
Duke Donngal Eriksson and Qadiya Catalina de Arazuri were invested as Prince and Princess of Calontir.

Evening court:
Elizabet Walker of Paislay – Leather Mallet
Nut Meg Thorn – AoA
Zachariah MacDonald – Cross of Calontir

Other court tidings:
A change to kingdom law was read into court.
Emissaries from Ansteorra brought bribes, err, ahem, gifts! for Their Majesties and Their Hignesses.
Hálfgrímr Riddari, as Kingdom Earl Marshal, announced a change to Combat Archery rules. Please see him for details.
Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea was named to be the next Kingdom Web Minister.
Their Majesties asked for Letters of Intent to become the next Kingdom Exchequer and the next Kingdom Regalia Coordinator.
Lady Fabia Narcissa Patricia was named to be the next Kingdom Chronicler.
Baron Hugh Du Puy presented new boxes for the Crowns and Coronets.