Lilies Work Day 2019

It’s time once again for the Lilies War Clean Up day.

This year we we will working from 9am – 9pm on Saturday March 30. Sorry no over nights or camping for Lilies Clean Up this year.

We will try to get wrapped up before our cutoff of 9 pm. If you’d like to help get the site ready for another awesome Lilies War and you have any more questions please ask here or contact one of the Autocrats for more details.

This year our clean up goals are:
Walking trail cleanup
Weed clearing
Brush removal
Materials staging
Bridge inspection and repair.

If you are coming to help out and would like to bring extra tools please bring rakes, shovels, hand tools, clippers, and gloves.

If you want to work on your personal campsites after the Clean up is finish, you are welcome to do so. Please remember site closes at 9 pm Saturday this year.

Post expires at 6:13pm on Saturday March 30th, 2019

Feast Menu for Calontir Spring Crown 2019

Greeting, Friends!

The feast for Calontir Spring Crown, in honor of Calontir’s 35th birthday, is an early Anglo-Saxon one fit for those of us who remember the days when we were known as the wearers of dirty brown wool.

The dishes that do not say they are meat or dairy don’t contain any, and all veg-based dishes will be available without meat or dairy for those who wish – this unabashed carnivore believes in being vegan-friendly. Please let troll know when you register if you are meatless for the feast, and you’ll get a little bundle of herbs to set at your table to let the servers know.


Elspeth Modlen ferch Daffydd

1st Borde
Hard-boiled Eggs
Olives & Pickles
Bread and Cheese
Fresh Butter
Bean Butter

2nd Borde
Greens with Bacon
Cabbages in Cream
Roast Chicken with Green Garlic Sauce
Gleaner’s Pottage

3rd Borde
Barley with Leeks and Mushrooms
Shoulder of Pork with Mustard Cream
Roast Roots and Apples

4th Borde
Spiced Fruit
Barley cakes

olives & pickles
bean butter
spiced fruit

Vegan accommodative
greens no bacon
cabbage no cream
gleaner’s pottage no chicken
roast roots & apples no pork
barley cakes no butter

Post expires at 3:25pm on Saturday April 20th, 2019

From Their Royal Majesties: Letters of Intent and Why We Fight

Unto the Chivalry, Huscarls, Fyrdmen, and Men at Arms of the Kingdom of Calontir, and unto those who inspire them to deeds of greatness,
Greetings, from Donngal, Fourth of that name, King of Calontir, and Catalina, Fierce Queen of the Heartlands.The deadline grows close for submitting letters of intent to contend to become Our heirs. Before that deadline passes, please consider our words:
Different Kingdoms have developed different traditions surrounding Crown Tournament:

Some Kingdoms allow anyone from the Known World to enter, whist others have held that only the Chivalry may enter without an express invitation from the Crown. Our Kingdom Laws reflect a desire, borne from our first days as a Kingdom, that nobody, Crown or common, should be able to influence the outcome, outside of the will of the combatants themselves, and our long-held tradition which states that you shouldn’t enter crown unless you’re there to win it; a pushback against the notion that crown is a good place to be seen by the chivalry.

We were reminded, today, by a good friend’s post from a far Kingdom, that every fighter in the list lends their renown to the eventual victor.

To that end, we ask each of you, fighter and consort, to search your hearts, and if you are ABLE to serve as Crown (as opposed to actively wanting it), then we beseech you, take up pen, then sword, and bring your renown to add to the glory of our eventual heirs, and to the history of our great Kingdom.
In Love and Service to the Crown & Kingdom
]|)onngal & Catalina


Kingdom of Calontir Map Updated

Rescued from Facebook:

The Kingdom of Calontir map has been updated.

The creator of the map is Sir Gustav Jameson.

Also contributing to the map was Sir Stefan MacIntyre who pulled together the KML data, Sir Brendan Mac an tSaoir who helped with data scrubbing and Sayyidi Umm Ya’kub Rayya al-Zahra’ bint Fath al-Badawiyya who contributed the original draft.

Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea

Article Request: Crown Tournament Video

Copyist-illuminator. Mid-15th Century. Public domain in the US

I have a prior engagement for Spring Crown Tournament so won’t be able to attend.

I would like to obtain video of the semi-finals and finals. I would need this by the Monday following Crown.

If you will be at Crown and can provide video, please contact me at to arrange things.

Thank you for being a Falcon Banner Contributor!