In Memoriam – Demetrios il Condottiero

Demetrios Misthophoros (aka Demetrios il Condottiero aka Dr. Henry Marks) passed away on Monday
in the Kingdom of An Tir where he had resided since his retirement.

Demetrios was a Master of the Laurel. He was one of the founders and
first Guild Master of the Calontir Cooks Guild. He is probably best
known for loving a good discussion and the wearing of “earth tones.”.
He loved to challenge folks to do better research, to be a better
person. He wanted to know the why as well as the how it was done in
medieval times. He was well traveled – having been to Greece and the
Galapagos Islands (just two of the places that I can remember hearing

When in Calontir he lived in the Barony of Vatavia, but was claimed as
a member by the Barony of Mag Mor.

Mundanely, he was a director of a treatment facility until he retired.
At which time he moved to An Tir and began writing and publishing
several books. His best known book (now out of print) was Byzantine

May his journey to the afterlife be filled with joy and bounty

Kateryn de Devlin