July 2014 LoAR Results

From Gunnar Thorisson, Vert Hawk Herald, via the Calonlist:

Calontir Acceptances

Calontir, Kingdom of.
Transfer of heraldic title White Tyger Herald to Ines Alfón.

Geva de Kent. Device. Lozengy purpure and Or, on a chief invected Or three bunches of grapes purpure.

Martush Aleksandrov. Name and device. Gules, a chevron rompu between five Russian Orthodox crosses two, one, and two Or.

Rodrigo Hernández of Vatavia. Device. Argent, on a chevron purpure three dragonflies palewise Or.

Rohese de Dinan. Badge for alternate name Casilda Manrique de Lara. (Fieldless) On an escallop Or, a rose proper.
Nice badge!

Sciath of Calanais Nuadh. Device. Quarterly gules and Or, two frets couped Or.
This device does not create the appearance of marshalling. The appearance of marshalling can be created by having charges that terminate at the edge of a section or having different types of charges in different sections of the field. Here, neither the Or quarters nor the sections with couped frets, since they don’t extend to the end of the section, appear to be an independent pieces of armory. Thus, this design can be registered.

Wulf Werner. Name.We note that the originally submitted name, Wulf filius Werner, would also be registerable. Ælfwynn Leoflæde dohtor documented patronymic bynames that combine the Latin filius with the unmodified form of the father’s name to 13th century Germany. An example is Wernlinus filius Ermenrich, dated 1267 (Socin, p. 579). As the submitter prefers the fully vernacular form of the name, we are registering the form that appeared on the Letter of Intent.

Calontir Pends

Gawain of Miskbridge. Acceptance of transfer of heraldic title Green Anchor Herald from Society for Creative Anachronism.
This name is pended to allow Laurel to include the transfer of the heraldic title in a Letter of Intent.
This was item 2 on the Calontir letter of April 4, 2014.