Loch Bheathrach Name and Device

From the Gold Falcon Herald, via Facebook:

Congratulations to Loch Bheathrach (the canton formerly known as Loch Smythe) – the branch name and device has now been registered!

“Loch Bheathrach, Canton of. Branch name and device. Argent, a sea-serpent ondoyant, in chief two laurel wreaths vert, a base wavy barry wavy vert and argent. In commentary, Brían dorcha ua Conaill documented the attested Loch Bethrach (Annals of Innisfallen) and Loch Beathrach (Annals of Ulster). The submitted (and lenited) spelling Bheathrach is justified by the example Sròn a’ Bheathrach documented in the Letter of Intent.
“The historical location Loch Bheathrach is not important enough to protect. Therefore, we are able to register this name.”

Konstantia Gold Falcon