Calontir Pin-Up Girls 2016 Calendar

Countess Gwen A’Brooke has announced the Calontir Pin-Up Girls 2016 Calendar.

The Calendar consists of 12 photographs “of lovely Calontiri women doing what they do best – recreating another era – but this time, it’s the era of the pin up” with profits going to the Kingdom of Calontir. The project is not an official SCA or Calontir activity.

Pre-order by November 15 for $20 for delivery at Kris Kinder. Contact Gwen A’Brooke (mka Gretchen Allen Johns) for ordering and payment details at – or via Facebook private message.

There will also be a limited number of calendars available for purchase at Kris Kinder for $25 each. And orders will be taken at Kris Kinder, for $25 per calendar (plus $5 postage, if needed).

(Profits will be split 95% to the Kingdom of Calontir, 4% to the photographer Lady Marie Le Faivre (mka Kate Sachs) of LionDove Images, and 1% for incidental costs. )

Below are some examples photos, but Countess Gwen says “we saved the best shots for the calendar, and you can only see them there.”

All photos copyright 2015 by Kate Sachs, posted by permission

pinup3 pinup4 Pinup1 pingup2