Falcon Banner: Call for Arts and Sciences Papers

Beginning in 2016, the Falcon Banner will regularly publish arts and sciences articles from Calontir artisans. We initially plan on publishing one article a month, but the schedule will depend on submissions.

– There is no rank requirement for publication. Any artisan, from a Laurel to a beginner, may submit an article. Queen’s Prize entries are especially welcome.

– There is no limit to the number of submissions, but each author will be limited to two posted articles per calendar year.

– Articles should focus on arts and sciences topics from the SCA period. If you are uncertain about the suitability of a topic, please contact the editor. Examples include:

  • How to recreate a period X or Y
  • History lessons
  • A day in your persona’s life
  • Experimenting with period techniques
  • Original research

– Links to existing personal websites are welcome within an article, but should not replace the article.

– Articles may be submitted in any file format, authors do not need to convert for the web. If necessary, the author will be consulted about options for conversion/presentation.

– The Falcon Banner reserves the right to fact-check all articles, and to edit for grammar and clarity. All changes will be submitted to the author for review before publication.

– The Society values courtesy. Properly crediting the work of others is both courteous and required.

  • Images that are not your original photos or artwork must be properly credited/sourced. Be aware that some sources require a licensing fee, even for academic papers.
  • Substantial quotations from other sources must be be properly cited, and a bibliography is required. Any recognized standard will be accepted, but The Falcon Banner recommends the Chicago Manual of Style format http://www.wikihow.com/Cite-Sources-in-Chicago-Manual-of-Style-Format.

Publication in the Falcon Banner is not intended to replace publication in the Calon Scrolls. Please continue to support Calontir’s official arts & sciences newsletter with your submissions.

For questions please email the editor at mathurin@falconbanner.com

Email submissions to submission@falconbanner.com

THL Mathurin Kerbusso, editor