Aine nic Tailliuer in Hospital

Mistress Kristine nic Tailliuer shares on Facebook:

The time we hold with our friends is precious, even more so when we find that the end of that time is drawing unexpectedly nigh.

Such is the case for Annette Barker, known by many who love her as THL Aine Nic Tailliuer. The time she has left is short, likely anywhere from a week to a couple weeks.

We know that she is beloved in her community and kingdom and her family, chosen and biological is large. Her husband and children are working with her and her care team to ensure she is comfortable for as long as possible.

Please refrain from coming to the hospital without first reaching out to the family to ensure she is able to accept visitors.

She has requested that Aston Tor, The Broken Harp, and her friends in Axed Root work together to hold a celebration of life for her at a later date.

We will continue to update as we have more information.