Mississippi Department of Health Advises Canceling Events Over 250 Participants

The Mississippi Department of Health held a news conference this morning at 11: 00am CDT regarding Covid-19 precautions. Mississippi has recorded its first case.

Among the recommendations:

  • Anyone over 65 with complicated medical conditions avoid gatherings
  • Organizations having gatherings of over 250 advised to cancel
  • Everyone should take precautions even with small number gatherings

The event stewards of Gulf War have made no announcement about cancelling yet. However, the Green Dragon will be closed for the duration of the War.

All waterbearing will be done from squeeze bottles, 3d printed non contact water bottles, and paper cups.

Their Royal Majesties have advised everyone to make the best decisions for they and theirs, and have released all Calontiri from all obligations to attend Them in service to that goal.

While the muster has been called and our people have answered, our primary task as King and Queen is to see to the safety and preservation of our people.

With that being the case, we hearby release any and all members of Calontir from any responsibility that would require your attendence at this year’s Gulf Wars. You may take this leave without excuse or explanation and you have our complete understanding and compassion.

For the Senate and People of Calontir
Lucian and Tamar Atia Albia Tamara