Society Level Silent Herald Deputy Sought

Applications are sought. Please email me ( by May 15.

Laurel King of Arms

From Laurel King of Arms: Silent Herald Deputy Applications Sought

In order to encourage and promote the use and equality of Silent Heraldry at all courts and events in which the entire populace attends, and to assist the silent heralds in their dealings with the Crown, the Silent Heraldry Deputy of Laurel Sovereign of Arms coordinates efforts and communication throughout the SCA. Silent Heralds in the Society are heralds who express auditory information into visual and/or tactile information used by deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

This deputy is tasked with the following duties, plus other such tasks
as assigned by Laurel:

Working with Kingdoms to improve the organization of silent heraldry
and its integration with other court and event heralds.

Working with Kingdoms and Laurel to improve education regarding silent
heraldry, both for silent heralds themselves and the general populace.

Acting as a resource for silent herald programs.

Preparing quarterly reports to Laurel on the status of such programs.

Please email your resume (SCA and modern if appropriate) as well as a short description of your experience related to this job to Laurel at The application period ends on May 15, 2014, with the decision being made immediately thereafter.