Daniel Martel invited into the Order of the Pelican

Mistress Lynette Dave’jean reports:

Greetings All,

For those of you that were unable to attend Gulf Wars this year, there was an exciting
invitation issued by Their Royal Majesties Martino and Ariel. They have invited Daniel Martel
into their Order of the Pelican. It was my pleasure to beg the boon in Court on Thursday evening.

At this time there are no details to share with you.

~In Service to the Crown and Kingdom of Calontir
Lynette Dave’jean, OL, OP.

Tuesday Update from Gulf Wars

From HE Duncan Bruce of Logan:

Tuesday was cloudy and wet for opening ceremonies and the first day of battles.Calontir comported ourselves well both on and off the field. The town battle was rainy and slick in the gates, but there was a lot of good fighting and we prevailed both storming and defending the town.
Rain put quite a damper on the evenings activities, but it stopped around 9, and folks caroused at the Purple Pavilion, as we are wont to do.

Soup Kitchen at Gulf Wars

Their Royal Majesties have appointed Baroness Bel as the Soup Kitchen Coordinator. Due to Baroness Bel’s work schedule she can not attend Gulf War this year. Lady Antonia has graciously volunteered to run the Soup Kitchen at Gulf War in her place next month. She has 5 wars of experience under her belt.

Lady Antonia will need help every day and hopefully some of those who are attending Gulf can dedicate a few hours of their time to the Soup Kitchen and assist her. Baroness Bel is grateful for Lady Antonia’s assistance and dedication to the Soup Kitchen, feeding the Army and the Kingdom!