Calontiri Wikispace beta-test

Come try the completely unofficial Beta-test Calontiri Wikispace at

The purpose is to:
Help to get to know our fellow Calontiri better – interests, skills, personas, put names to faces
Make it easier to submit well-informed award recommendations
Help bring distant parts of our Kingdom together
Be a place to find the stories and songs that explain what it is to be Calontiri

For now, this wikispace is public. Anyone can edit pages although only “members” can add new pages. Public access will change if the privilege is abused.

Editing is pretty easy and intuitive, according to those who have tried it so far. Basic instructions on are on the “Home” page.

Email or message “Sofya la Rus” on Facebook if questions.

At your service,

Sofya la Rus, OL, CW, CSH, druzhinnitsa Kramolnikova
Shire of Heraldshill, Calontir
“Mir znachit Pax Romanov”

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