Society Feast Survey


The Sternfeld Feast Cooks are looking for ways to make feasts better, and we thought it would be best to start with finding out what people want!  If you could spare a few minutes to take our survey, it will be a huge help.  And if you have a few more moments, please forward this information to other lists you’re on!  We’re trying to get as many responses as possible, from as many areas of the Society as possible, and will be sharing the results with any cooks who are interested.

Many thanks!  Yours in service and having fun!

Wulfwen atte Belle

Barony of Sternfeld

Kingdom of the Middle

Hey you!  Yes, you!  Would you be willing to help out with something?  The feast cooks of Sternfeld have created a survey about feasts and they are trying to get as wide a distribution as possible.  Their goal is to find out what people want, and then share that information with as many feast cooks as possible.  To that end, they’ve published the survey online at

They’d greatly appreciate it if you’d go fill out the survey – it will only take 10-20 minutes of your time, and it will help make feasts in the Society more enjoyable for everyone!  Also, please feel free to share this survey link on any relevant Society -related email lists you belong to.  They are looking for responses from throughout the Known World, from people of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Again, that link is:

Thanks in advance for your support!