Stirring the Pot: An Unofficial Cooks Guild Colloquium

Do you miss events? Wish you could go to one during Quarantine? Well so did a group of bored cooks in Calontir. We have decided to throw an Unofficial Virtual Event!

We are inviting cooks from all over the Known World to share their knowledge and gain some in the process on Sunday, July 5, 2020 9a-5p CST via a series of online video meeting rooms. Classes can be especially well suited for online meetings, so come learn all about SCA period cooking and related topics. Garb is encouraged.

Let us do all the heavy technical lifting so you can be free to just teach. Register at to sign up to teach.

Colloquium website can be found at:

Class schedules/descriptions and access instructions coming soon.
Thank you so much for joining us for a day of fun and learning!
If you have any questions please email us at

We can’t wait to see you!
The Calontir Cooks Guild

Cooking Classes at Lilies by Mistress Giraude and Master Tosten

From Mèstra Giraude Benet:

Küche mit Kachelofen, aus: Kuchenmaistrey, erstmals erschienen 1485 bei Peter Wagner. V

I’d like to share some info about the cooking classes that Master Tosten will be teaching at Lilies this year. They are under my name in the site book, but while I will be helping, he is the main instructor! You can sign up in advance to reserve a spot, which will help him know how much supplies to bring in. Both classes will be held at my cooking table setup across from The Harp!

Cooking in Clay – Baked Apples
Mèstra Giraude Benet
Private Encampment
Sunday, June 9 – 1:00 pm for 1 hour
Audience: Adults Skill Level: Beginner
Age Limit: 8 Fee: $30 (Fee includes a clay pipkin to keep) Max Size: None

Class Description: With Master Tosten du Calais. Explore the process of cooking in clay in the fire. Participate in the history of cooking, and go home with yummy yummy baked apples and your own pipkin. Cut up the fruit, season, and cook to perfection. Class is open to student 8 and above, with parental attendance in the class as well. You may sign up and pre-pay in advance at Tosten’s Pots

Cooking in Clay – Main Dish
Mèstra Giraude Benet
Private Encampment
Sunday, June 9 – 9:00 am for 2 hours
Audience: All Skill Level: Beginner
Age Limit: 8 Fee: $40 (Fee includes a small cooking pot to keep) Max Size: None

Class Description: With Master Tosten du Calais. Explore the process of cooking in clay in the fire. Participate in the history of cooking and go home with hearty main dish and a small cooking pot. Using period ingredients, create a unique combination for you and to share. Simmer your meal in the coals. And share with others, your interest in cooking and period life. You can sign up in advance on Facebook at Tosten’s Pots.  Anyone who might be interested in signing up for the class but who is not on Facebook can email Master Tosten at , and he will send a PayPal invoice.

From Her Royal Majesty: Period Soup Kitchen Experiment

Küche mit Kachelofen, aus: Kuchenmaistrey, erstmals erschienen 1485 bei Peter Wagner. V

Greetings unto My Glorious Kingdom,

As many of you know well, it brings Me great joy when we take services we provide as a Kingdom and make them as close to historical practices as possible.

In this spirit I have tasked Our Cook’s Guild to take over one day of Soup Kitchen at the upcoming Gulf Wars.

On this single day, the Cook’s Guild will provide provisions that would have been taken on pilgrimage or campaign.

I have requested that the menu for that One day will consist of bone broth, bread, butter, pickled items, meat, and cheeses.

Please contact HL Ysabel de la Oya if you would like to help in the process, or the day of.

As soon as a date is determined for this experiment an announcement will be made.

Catalina, Malika

Online Course Available: “A History of Royal Food and Feasting”

Future Learn, the University of Reading and Historic Royal Palaces are offering a free online course, A History of Royal Food and Feasting.

This course is intended to explore the changing tastes of English royal palaces, through the lens of five different monarchs:

  • Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace
  • Elizabeth I at the Tower of London
  • George I at Hampton Court Palace
  • George III at Kew Palace
  • Victoria at Kensington Palace

More than just a survey, the course is designed to have you explore recipes, learn to evaluate and redact recipes, get insights into each of the monarch and get a behind-the-scenes look at each of these historic palaces.

The course lasts five weeks, about three hours per week. For more information, go to the course website:

A History of Royal Food and Feasting – University of Reading

Unable to play video. Please enable JavaScript or consider upgrading your browser. Did you know that Henry VIII ordered the first apricot trees to be planted in England because he couldn’t get enough of them? Or that chocolate was first introduced to England by Charles II to compete with the French court?

Sources for the Beginning Medieval Cook: Recommendations from the Calontir Cook’s Guild

I recently asked the Calontir Cook’s Guild for recommended sources for beginning Medieval cooks. I received a large number of recommendations, both web sites and books, and they are listed below.

The web sites and most of the books include both the original and redacted recipes. According to Ms. Aline, redacted recipes have been worked out and put into a familiar, modern form. For cooks that are new to Medieval cooking, the original recipes can be quite daunting as they don’t give measures, temperatures or cooking times. They are more like reminders, or short notes, than modern cookbook recipes.  Reading through the original recipes and cooking the redactions offers both consistency and experience with the flavor profiles of Period foods. This basic foundation will be helpful when the cook later attempts their own redactions.

(UPDATE) Thanks to Ms. Aline Swynbroke. Tanaka Ujimori, Bronwen ferch Lloid, and Cathus the Curious for their contributions to this list.

Web sites:


Books with original and redacted recipes:


Books with original recipes only:




Cooks Symposium Cancelled

From the Calonlist:

Unto Calontir, Greetings!

As one of the event stewards for the Cooks’ Symposium schedule for April 25-26th,  I regret to inform you that the leadership of the Guild is cancelling this event.

The current stewards took over for someone who was moving out of Kingdom, and have encountered logistical difficulties with site acquisition that make it untenable at this time for us to move forward.  We feel it is in the best interest of the Guild to focus the group’s time and attention on Lilies activities for this year, and to reset and look at planning for a Symposium in 2017.  We appreciate the offers of help we received, particularly from prospective teachers, and we hope you will consider sharing your classes with the Kingdom and our guests at Lilies.  Thank you for bearing with us, and we look forward to bringing you a terrific Symposium in 2017!


Aline Swynbroke

Twelfth Night Feast Information

From the Calonlist:

Please join the Barony of the Lonely Tower for their Rus 12th Night Feast on Saturday, January 3, 2015 at Mount Michael Benedictine School in Elkhorn, NE.

Because of space limitations, we only have 80 spots available for feast. Get your reservation requests in early!

Here is our menu:

1st Course
Shchi / Cabbage Soup
Pyroshki s Govyadinoy (Belyashi) / Pastry with Meat Filling
Pyroshki s Morkov’yu / Pastry with Carrot Filling

2nd Course
Kurnik / Chicken Pie
Vatroushki / Cheese Pie
Gribi Zjariniye / Mushrooms Fried in Butter
Soleniye Ogurtzi / Cucumber Pickles

3rd Course
Boujenina s Hrienom / Ham Cooked in Beer with Horseradish Sauce
Chornee klebph s Tvorag / Black Bread with Farmer’s Cheese
Vzbityye Repa / Creamed Turnips
Marinovanaya Svekla / Marinated Beets

4th Course
Sirniki so smetanoy i buziny zapovednikov / Cottage Cheese Cakes w/ Sour Cream and Elderberry Preserves
Marinovanaya Yabloki i Grushi / Fruit (Apples and Pears) Preserved in Syrup

Yablochnyy Sok/ Apple Juice
Sbiten / Spiced Honey Drink
Voda / Water

Recipes and Reservations for the 12th Night Feast are available at:

Correction: Information Summary for Gryphon’s Fest 2014: The Noble Beasts of Calontir

The feast info in the info summary posted today was incorrect. The correct feast information was posted a few days ago (

To recap the correct information:

Sur La Table:  Bread, Butter, “Puddleford Persimmon Chutney,” Assorted small pasties (beef, mushroom, pork)

1st course:  “Small game birds” with 2 sauces (one fruit, one rosewater), a “Tart of Greens”
2nd course:  Venison, Frumenty (a grain dish, similar to oatmeal, but with savory spices), Peas
3rd course:  Roast pork, Compote of apples and walnuts, Stuffed tubes (fried cheese)
Dessert: “Slices” (a pastry of figs, almonds, and raisins), Candied Orange Peel, and “Tart de Pommes” (apple pie)As previously mentioned, there will be an “off board” option, for anyone interested. The off-board will be all the dishes that are NOT specifically “meat.”  (The idea, here, is to bring your own meat-of-choice.  We will provide a place for the cooking of said meat.  We will then provide all the side dishes, drinks, and desserts…all this, for the lowlow price of $5.  Limit of 20 off-board tickets.)

Vegan alternatives can, and will *cheerfully* be, made available, on request (in advance, please!  I’m not asking for a paid pre-registration, just let me know, so that I can plan for the vegan substitutes I will need to buy).

I would be very grateful if anyone who is interested in either the “off board” option, or the vegan option, would please let me know, some time before Thursday, 9/25 (since that’s when I’ll be doing the bulk of my shopping).

Thanks, much.
Feast Steward, Gryphon’s Fest