Announcements From The Gold Falcon

Greetings to the glorious Kingdom of Calontir from Konstantia Gold Falcon Herald!

I am looking for a few good people to fill out a couple of roles within Calontir’s heraldic college.

#1 – Blue Hawk (Ailith) requires some assistance with programming and coding with the Order of Precedence. If you are a codemonkey, and have experience with programming and coding in Perl, CSS, MySQL, AJAX or any other programming languages, please send your SCA and modern resume to and by June 1st.

#2 – I am looking for someone to be Kestrel Herald and assisting with updating the Calontir Herald’s Handbook to be in line with current practices (read: SENA and some other bits). I am looking for a project manager/editor in one. If you are interested in this position, please send your SCA and modern resume to by June 1st.

Thank you all!

Konstantia Gold Falcon