Blue Hawk Herald OP Clerk Position Announcement

Unto the Populace of Calontir, the Honorable Lady Ailith Bystoune, Blue Hawk Herald sends greetings!

As Blue Hawk Herald, I maintain the Kingdom’s Order of Precedence (OP). The Calontir OP is kept in an online database accessible at After serving the Kingdom for many years, I am searching for a deputy who is interested in taking over the position in the coming months.

Being the Clerk of the Order of Precedence is a wonderful way to serve the Kingdom! It entails receiving COURT REPORTS and entering the award data into the database as well as managing that data and coordinating continuing improvements to the website. Despite how it sounds, this job does not require technical computer skills beyond that which is standard in modern life (use of email, Facebook, etc). This position reports to the Gold Falcon Principal Herald and the Kingdom Web Minister, and works closely with the Deputy Web Minister, who is working on technical upgrades to the website.

If you are interested, please send a letter of intent to Blue Hawk Herald Letter of Intent.

Yours in Service,
HL Ailith Bystoune

Announcements From The Gold Falcon

Greetings to the glorious Kingdom of Calontir from Konstantia Gold Falcon Herald!

I am looking for a few good people to fill out a couple of roles within Calontir’s heraldic college.

#1 – Blue Hawk (Ailith) requires some assistance with programming and coding with the Order of Precedence. If you are a codemonkey, and have experience with programming and coding in Perl, CSS, MySQL, AJAX or any other programming languages, please send your SCA and modern resume to and by June 1st.

#2 – I am looking for someone to be Kestrel Herald and assisting with updating the Calontir Herald’s Handbook to be in line with current practices (read: SENA and some other bits). I am looking for a project manager/editor in one. If you are interested in this position, please send your SCA and modern resume to by June 1st.

Thank you all!

Konstantia Gold Falcon