Calontir Steel at Horse and Falcon

We had a glorious weekend of Cut & Thrust at Horse and Falcon, with 10 new fighters authorizing and tournaments both days. The tournament on Saturday was won by Ben of Forgotten Sea, and the tournament on Sunday was won by HE Donald McDonald.

I would like to thank everyone who helped set up, marshal, run the list, provide water, etc. If I miss anyone it is not because you were not appreciated.

THL Lorraine Devereaux
Brian McDougal
HG Ostwald Konrad von Riesetoten
HE Donald McDonald
Master Alan of Darkdale
THL Kitsu no Taro
Lady Helena of Tor

And of course many thanks to the Barony of Forgotten Sea for hosting this event, and to all those who came out to play with us.

In service to Crown, Kingdom, and Populace,

Mathurin Kerbusso