A poem for warriors of Calontir

Master Murdoch writes:

From the city of Kiev,
From the village of Vyshgorod,
Came a strong hearted Dama.
She broke fast on the road,
For she wished to arrive in time for the tourney on the shores of the Lake of the Lilies.

Near the shire of Loch Bheathrach,
Stout bogatyr had assembled.
No one called them to battle.
No one sounded the horn of war.
No one stood before them with banner raised.

Iliyana of the Rose spoke to them.
“Hail to you, bogatyr of the Falcon.
In the 10th year of the Falcon’s flight,
I did reign.
In the twenty-second year of war in the debateable lands,
I did reign
In the first year of the Prize of the Queen,
I did reign.”

The bogatyr saw that none stood under her trident banner.
Waves did not crash thunderously on the shore.
Birds did not fill the wind with song.
The bogatyr spoke as one.
“Hail to you, Iliya Sergeivna Roskochnnikova,
We lend our axe.
We lend our spear.
We lend our sword.”

Against all who stood opposed,
The bogatyr fought with ferocity.
The bogatyr fought with honor.

Knyaginya Iliya spoke to the bogatyr.
“Hail to you, Calon bogatyr.
You have proven your skill.
You have proven your honor.
Let your names be sung in Bylinas,
along with Alyosha Popovich, Dobrynya Nikitich, and Ilya Muromets”

Dama—a noble Lady
Bogatyr—a Rus epic hero
Knyaginya—a countess

Her Excellency Iliya is in need of fighter for the Lady of the Rose Tournaments at Lilies. She requires a cut & thrust fighter, and both a belted and unbelted heavy weapons fighter. Those who would answer her call, please contact me, Murdoch via email at murdochst@msn.com or stop by our camp on Outlands point at Lilies.

Please repost as appropriate.