Tokens for Lampworking Classes at Lilies

“De la Pirotechnia” by Vannoccio Biringucci, 1540

From Zaneta:
Greetings from the glass guild!  Want to try your hand at lampwork bead making at Lilies?
This year, we will be trying something new…Tokens! Rather than paying cash for each lampworking class in the glass tent, you can purchase a handful of these at a discounted rate and use them throughout the war.
Each token is worth one lampworking class or one hour of open torch time. Pricing will be one token for $5 or five for $20. Tokens will be available for purchase in the glass tent. We will still gladly accept cash if you do not want to buy tokens.
Please let us know if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing you at Lilies!
*Tokens are only good for one lampworking class / hour or open torch each for this Lilies War. Non-transferable from one year to the next. Not available in stores. Can only be used for lampworking classes. No refunds. Gluten free. Etc etc…. 🙂

Post expires at 1:35pm on Wednesday June 20th, 2018

A Ladye’s Guide to Safety at War

With every new year, the War Season is also getting started in the SCA. The Society Calendar boasts of seven Wars and two three-day weekend events to enjoy between February and October. In other words, the party is just getting started!

As we prepare our clothing, armor, and provisions for War, we should also take time to prepare for our personal safety. Now, most of the time, absolutely nothing happens, but a little preparedness and forethought never hurt anyone.

Hopefully the following tips will be beneficial to the less experienced War-traveler and serve as a reminder for the veterans.

Environmental Safety


In this instance, I’m talking less about protecting the environment (which is important!) than I am about protecting yourself from the environment. If you’re like me, you may not be a seasoned camper. Of course, SCA camping is the half-sister of glamping once you get your period encampment down, so there’s that comfort! That said, it is sometimes difficult to transition from the comfort of air conditioning, flushing toilets, and running (hot) water. On top of that, it is important that you prepare yourself for the environment’s hazards as well as its discomforts.

Insect protection

Bugs live outside. Most of them are fine when left alone, but, for many of them, you represent a tasty food supply. (To paraphrase Merry: “What do they eat when they can’t get Huscarl?”) The bugs that don’t want a sampling of your blood for their sustenance still pose a nuisance, especially when you open your tent to find it filled with what my family calls “chiggers.” (Tiny flying bugs.)

The first thing I recommend doing when you set up your camp is to sprinkle the ground you intend for your tent with Borax. This will, mostly, keep insects out of your tent. (I think I saw exactly one bug crawling up the inside of my tent wall at Gulf Wars.) I normally pack extra boxes to sprinkle more along the outside of my tent in the event it rains and because friends will ask to use some for their camps.

To protect your person from insects as you go through the day, be sure to pack Deet and/or citronella candles. I personally find that all bugs (especially the bloodsucking ones) absolutely hate tea-tree and lavender oils, so I put several drops of each in a spray bottle of water and liberally spray my family with when we’re going to be walking in fields, etc. The spray bottle also doubles as a room and linen freshener due to the anti-bacterial properties of both oils so it’s well worth having on hand. Also, be sure to have extra tea towels to cover your food with during preparation and try to keep your campsite clean of things like food debris that will attract pests. (Probably not just the insect kind.)

Lavender/Tea Tree Oil formula: mix 30 drops lavender oil two about fifteen drops tea tree oil in a 12 oz spray bottle of water. You can adjust the oil proportions to be stronger depending on need, but most people often find the smell of tea tree repulsive, so I use more lavender to mask it.

 UV Protection

Yes, rays from the sun help the body to absorb vitamin D, but when you spend a week living outside, fighting or water-bearing in no shade, and attending court in shade that doesn’t stand a chance against the angle of the sun, you’ll discover that it’s very different from when you’re only spending a couple of hours on a walk. Sunscreen is your friend. Purchase a waterproof sunscreen and reapply it according to the directions, especially if you go swimming or perspire too much. If you have older children, try to explain sun-safety to them. (Younger children, you can just lather whenever you feel they need it.)

I personally recommend packing a good straw hat or a parasol, and wearing clothes that cover as much skin as is comfortable. (More on that in the next section.)

Also, just because the sun isn’t out doesn’t mean you should skip on sunscreen. On an overcast day, those clouds are acting like magnifying glasses for those UV rays and you are the ant on the sidewalk. That same rule applies to the sun’s reflection on a lake or pool and its magnification in the water when you or your children are swimming.


This is probably the greatest discomfort at a summer War and, lately, it’s seemed to get worse each year.

They may seem extravagant in cost, but canvas tents are worth every penny in regard to comfort. If cared for properly, they’ll last years, and add to your medieval experience profoundly. They function more as tiny hotel rooms and you’ll have the space for a comfortable air mattress and furniture to make your 7-14 day War experience more enjoyable. Plus: Heat defense!

Canvas breathes better than nylon, preventing build up of humidity inside the tent. Canvas does not transfer heat as quickly as nylon, keeping the tent from becoming unbearably hot as soon as the sun hits it. That also works in reverse in cold weather, keeping warmth in the tent when you want it there.

Next, bring a hand fan, perhaps make a swamp cooler, and bring extra buckets you can fill with ice water to rest your feet in and bring your core temperature down. (Extra points if the buckets don’t look glaringly modern!)

Linen fabric is your friend! It wicks moisture away from your body and when the breeze comes through, the damp-ish fabric acts as a personal air conditioner. Cotton does not do this. As ladies know, dresses are much cooler and provide much more “ventilation” than trousers. At Lilies, my husband wears a tunic that falls beneath his knees, his boxer briefs, and nothing else. (Our medieval counterparts weren’t idiots.) Many people find that Roman and Grecian garb is the most comfortable at foreign wars. As someone who is very photosensitive, I find I’m actually more comfortable in longer sleeves as long as I’m wearing linen. The fabric protects my skin from the sun and I’m no cooler when I wear a mundane t-shirt.

Be sure to drink plenty of water, make your kids drink lots of water, and take breaks as needed. If it gets too rough, go sit in the air conditioning of your car for a little bit or go into town for dinner. If you find you truly struggle with the heat, you can also stay at a local hotel. (There’s no law that you have to camp on site!) This year at Lilies, I will be about seven months pregnant. Fortunately, my Lady Mother lives in the Kansas City metro area, so my husband and I will be commuting to war from her house so that I can have a reprieve from the heat. Ultimately, we all must and should make the best decisions for our own health and our children’s.


Rain likely won’t harm you, but it can destroy your stuff. Keep everything except your bedding in water tight containers and a fresh change of clothes in your car so you have something dry to change into in the event of a storm.

Always set your tent up with the door facing down hill if you’re on an incline. As soon as your tent is set up, dig a small trench around your tent to divert any water flow. (If you do it when you set up, then you won’t have to remember it when it starts raining.)

If you have a canvas tent and it rains during the last couple days of war, set it up in your back yard at home to let the sun dry out the moisture. When you pack a canvas tent that’s damp, you’re creating a moldy environment that will destroy your canvas and turn your comfortable camp home into an allergy and disease trap.

Know Your Plants

Wooded areas can have poison oak and ivy. Be sure to refresh yourself so you can recognize and avoid both.

People Protection


In all honesty, this is the section that is the most difficult to write about because people tend to be very strong and vocal in their stances on social issues in the SCA, namely the idea that incidences of crime or personal harm are few and far between and they happen in someone else’s group, not theirs. My goal in this article is to be as neutral and yet as pragmatic as possible.

I’m sure many people can say with me that one thing they love about the SCA is that it can create a culture in which chivalry and honor are more than words we dissect in a college class on Tennyson. There’s a small town culture at war where we end up making stone soups and helping each other set up our camps. That type of community is as real as you and me and I’m very grateful for it. However, equally real is the reality that humans are flawed and at war (especially the larger ones like Gulf Wars and Pennsic) there is going to be a larger crowd of people you have never met, when you meet them, you will both be wearing clothes you would not normally wear, and you will give each other false names. (Some gentlemen will even give a false SCA name in certain sensitive situations. Especially if your father is a hard-hitting knight.) This situation in itself is not inherently, but can potentially be, problematic. Moreover, at War, especially Pennsic, you’re more likely to encounter non-SCAdians who are there to let their weird out and may have a very different moral compass or idea about what actually is an SCA event.

That said, SCA Wars are events where you will find yourself making new friendships and deepening current ones. To keep the bad incidences few and far between, and something that doesn’t happen to you, I’ve posited the following recommendations.

Follow the Site Rules

Fully follow them. The event stewards are aware of possible environmental hazards and make the rules accordingly. Their instructions should be your first go-to at any event.


I highly recommend leaving your non-SCA related valuables at home. It’s less likely that your belongings could be stolen at an event than it is that you could simply lose them in the zoo of activity that is an SCA war, not to mention all of Mother nature’s greenery surrounding your camp. Chains break, rings slip off, pockets and pouches get holes in them, and, in our haste to pack and beat the storm out of camp, we can knock things over and lose them.

(Truly, I have, personally, left my basket unattended more times than I can count and my items were all left undisturbed. Usually when a possession walks off, it’s because someone mistook your item for theirs due to similarity and it’s often promptly returned.)

In regards to jewelry, some women invest in a “medieval” wedding ring, not only to avoid being blatantly modern, but so that they don’t risk losing their nicer, more expensive jewelry at an event. Not many modern jewelry items look medieval, so leaving them at home kills two birds with one stone.

Thanks to modern technology, it is no longer necessary to bring copious amounts of cash for spending money to war since most vendors are equipped to accept debit and credit card payments. Even if they can’t, you can always ask them to put the item on hold while you go into town and use the ATM. I recommend bringing only enough cash to pay gate, pre-pay the Broken Harp at Lilies, and have maybe $50 for petty cash. Keep your wallet with you at all times like you normally do and you
should be fine.

I keep most of my belongings, aside from furniture, in my tent at all times to prevent them blowing away, etc. This includes coolers because I currently don’t have a period box covering and cover it with a blanket. Again, I truly feel that the most common culprit of property loss at a War are the elements, but having your belongings in your fabric house will make it more difficult for someone to simply walk off with them, especially in a crowded camp.

Coolers Et Al

If you’re concerned about opening up your cooler and finding that your supply has been depleted, simply keep your cooler into your tent. Now, I have never encountered a problem with this happening, but, if you’re camped in close quarters and it’s dark, coolers all start to look alike, especially if one is a little tipsy and there’s late night revelry going on. It’s not uncommon to for a gentle to say to their friend, “Just grab a beer from my cooler, it’s the blue one around the corne,” and it’s possible that the friend may get something from the wrong person’s cooler by mistake. Also, teenagers sometimes do stupid things like purloin beer when no one is looking. If you install a lock on any of your gear and have it in plain site, less upright people might assume you have something more valuable in there than Woodchuck, so I don’t personally recommend it unless truly necessary.

Personal Safety

This issue probably pertains to women more than any other group, simply due to a dark, internal force that has afflicted humanity since its beginning. This is especially true for single women (including single mothers) and lesbian women because the male figure of a boyfriend or husband acts as a built-in protector and deterrent for predators.

Yes, there is an honor system in the SCA, but, statistically speaking, not everyone at an SCA event is likely to ascribe to that. For better or worse, it is very easy, in an environment of knights touting honor, to become too comfortable and let our guard down too much in a group that is equally mixed with strangers as well as friends. High morals are preached in churches and yet scandal still occurs because it’s impossible for a group to be immune to the plights of humanity when it is populated by humans; therefore, we must simply continue to do unto others and utilize our best judgement

First of all, always have a buddy system and avoid traveling away from the crowd alone at night. Single persons, especially women, present an easier target for predators. If you’re camping alone, you should be able to find a social group to tag along with and it wouldn’t hurt to have pepper spray on your person like you do (or should do) at home.

Secondly, get your own drinks and keep them in your hand at all times. Yes, the handsome fighter or flirty lady is being very kind to offer and I’m sure they won’t do anything, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Many a woman (and the occasional man) has lost track of her (or his) drink at a party and found herself in unfortunate circumstances.

On that same vein, have a care of whom you accept drinks from. If the person offering has been going around with a bottle filling everyone’s cups with samples of their wares, enjoy! However, if someone hands you a cup and says, “Hey, you should try this,” and you haven’t seen them drink from it themselves, reply, “Thanks, but I think I might be getting a cold and I wouldn’t want you to catch it,” or “Thank you, but my head won’t forgive me in the morning if I switch drinks.” Again, the person offering probably has no malicious intent, we share drinks a lot in the SCA, but it’s better to exercise a little caution than not. If anything, it may help you avoid catching the [Insert Event Name] Plague.

Thirdly, male escorts are galant and should be applauded, but try to stick to your girlfriends unless you know the gentleman very well. However, please accept an escort you know you can trust at night. As mentioned earlier, a male presence can deter predators, but always try to travel in groups. It will not set feminism back one inch and we’re all trying to make our way in a world that is sometimes perilous and we should be there to help each other.

The writer is aware that, statistically, the majority of sexual assault victims are attacked by people they know and in familiar environments; however, that fact does not change the pertinence of the given advice, even if the premise of the hypotheticals presented here assumes that assailants will be strangers.

None of us want to be or want to see our friends in a position, to put it delicately, of being in the wrong section of a statistic. While there are instances that simply cannot be helped despite our best efforts, our best efforts are still worthwhile.

Child Safety

The Ministry of Youth is here to make the SCA fun, accessible, and appealing to your children so they won’t fight you every time you go to an event. It is not a baby-sitting service and you should not leave your children there unattended for extended periods as a courtesy to the volunteers.

We often see children wandering independently through site at war and the rule of thumb is to be sensible: give your children the liberty they’ve proven they can responsibly handle, no more, and be sure to dog tag your kids in case they get separated from you for some reason. There are lots of parents and kind-hearted people at events who will stop and help a distressed child separated from their family should that happen; however, having been a helping adult in that situation, it’s difficult when children are too young to explain to whom they belong, so identification helps.

Be sure to read the site rules regarding minors carefully as each event can differ greatly depending on the group, the site, and even the event steward.

When it comes to toddlers, I find that a good, long belt makes a nice leash to keep them out of places you don’t want, them like list fields and pottery shops.

Be Your Brother and Sister’s Keeper


The small-town community works when the people within it look out for one another. If you see a child that seems lost, take a moment to stop and ask, rather than assume everything is alright. If your girlfriend is clearly enjoying Bacchus’ gift surrounded by people not in your group, check in to make sure she’s in control of her faculties and maybe watch her out of the corner of her eye to see how the situation develops. Offer something to drink to visitors in your camp: it’s part of chivalry and courtesy and vital in the heat. Close your neighbors tent doors and tighten their ropes if it starts raining while they’re wandering site… Simply put, follow the Golden Rule. That’s what makes our community safe and strong.

SCA Wars are wonderful events: rarely are such compendiums of classes available or so many activities at other venues. They’re the places where the Middle Ages can truly come to life and where friendships, even marriages, are forged. Some of the best friends you may ever have, you’ll meet at War and the warmth of human kindness will touch and inspire you. This missive is not intended to undermine the “magic”, but to protect it and preserve it from being spoiled for even one person by a negative experience.

Have a great War!

Lilies A&S World Tour

Gleaned from the Calonlist. Organizer links have been changed to email addresses instead of Facebook links:

While A&S classes and activities will continue to be scheduled freely, we’re also organizing a multi-day celebration of the many of the possible cultures and time periods that make up the “pre-seventeenth century world.”

• Sunday: Sixteenth Century Europe – Mistress Sibilla Swaine
• Monday: Mongolia – TRM Ashir and Ashland ( Through their chamberlain Mistress Ishmala
• Tuesday: Norse – Ylva kennara Jonsdottir
• Wendesday: The Islamic World – Mistress Rahil Al-Sirhaan
• Thursday: Japan – The Honorable Lord Saito Takauji
• Friday: Late Middle Ages – The Honorable Lady Maegwynn Attewode

Each day of the “world tour” will begin with a 9:30 intro to their era and/or culture, but thematic classes and activities are being asked for to accompany the morning tour meetings.

Please reach out to the organizers of the days you are interested in, and I’m happy to answer questions or point you in the right direction.

If you’re interested in teaching a world tour day class, please submit it via the class form in addition to reaching out to an organizer:  Class Submission Form

Hvgo van Harlo

Post expires at 4:12pm on Friday July 20th, 2018

From The Lilies War Committee About Merchants

We know that a lot has been said in the last week or so about the combining of the two non-food merchant areas at Lilies War.  We hope that this will provide more insight as to why the decision has been made to do so at this time.  Please note, the merchants we are discussing, unless otherwise stated, are not the food merchants.  At this time the only location the food merchants can be is where they currently are.

 So many have asked why now?

 For years we have heard comments from both attendees and merchants regarding the separate merchant areas.  Many of the new attendees admit to not knowing there was two separate areas for merchants. They also admit that when asked about the New Market area they have been told that the New Market is for the “lesser” merchants who sell inferior goods. Many of the New Market merchants have heard the same thing. And several had stated that if things stay the way they are they would not be returning to Lilies War.

 And for as many years that we have been hearing these comments, the idea of combining the two areas has been debated.  Both sets of perspective Event Stewards for Lilies War 32, were keen on the idea of combining the Old and New Market Areas.  The Committee agreed and the chosen Stewards proceeded with the plan.

 Many have also commented on the logistics with the merchant staff.  There are two members of the merchant staff that most, if not all merchants come in contact with, the Merchant Liaison and the Merchant Coordinator.   The Merchant Liaison handles any necessary paperwork during the “off war” cycle and assists, when necessary, with any on site activates.  The Merchant Coordinator, which is a merchant, handles all of the merchant forms and on site merchant activities.  These two individuals are very familiar with the merchants and very good at what they do.  They have the trust of both the Committee and the Staff when it comes to any and all merchant issues. It can be quite difficult to watch out for the three Merchant Coordinator and run their own booth.  Ion the past the Coordinator has had volunteers to assist them with these duties. But just as it is getting harder to find volunteers to set up for an event or sit a gate shift or two, it is becoming more difficult to find volunteers to provide the daily support that the Merchant Coordinator needs.

Why the Old Market Area?

Our options were:

 1.       Move all the merchants to the New Market area.

  • a.       When the idea of moving all of the merchants to the New Market area was last discussed, it was made known that if the plan were to proceed multiple Old Market merchants would not be returning to Lilies War.
  • b.      After surveying the land, it is on a steeper grade (some areas more than other), and there are certain areas that can get quite marshy when storms come through camp.
  • c.       It is more centrally located in the camp as a whole, especially since this upcoming war the battlefield will be located on the east end of camp.

2.       Move all the Merchants to the Old Market area.

  • a.       With this choice, we know that at least 1 merchant has chosen not to return to Lilies war.
  • b.      While the land is flatter, for the most part, moving the merchants to this area will displace the campers who have traditionally camped there the last several years.  However, this would not be the first time that land would have to be acquired for a War activity.
  • c.       With the battlefield moving, having all the merchants in the Old Market area will provide for a better draw to that end of camp.  With Archery and the Food Court this will be an additional draw to the west side of camp.

3.       Move all of the merchants to an entirely new area

  • a.       All of the merchants that have stated that they will not be returning if forced to move, would do just that, not return to Lilies War.   Thus losing even more merchants than either of the previous two options.
  • b.      While there is other land that might be flatter, less marshy during storms, or have less camping.  There are very few areas that have all three, and are available for use by the war.
  • c.       There is no guarantee that the third location would provide the best of land and camping conditions and be centrally located enough for attendees to visit.  In fact, there are a few areas that could fit the other criteria, but are so far removed from any other war activity that merchants would not get any foot traffic during the week.

4.       Keep the Merchants where they were last year.

  • a.       This option would lose merchants as well.
  • b.      It would not address the many concerns that we have received from both merchants and attendees.

Is there room in the Old Market area for all of the merchants?

Fortunately, there is. Last year we saw just over 900 people come through gate, which was in fact a 5% to 8% decline from the previous year. And some of those were merchants.

Why didn’t you tell us about this sooner why keep it secret?

The final decision was made at the Lilies War Committee meeting at Kris Kinder, on December 9th.  Yes the irony of deciding the fate of the merchant areas while at a merchant event is not lost on us.  And it was never our intent to keep this information from anyone.  All Lilies Committee meeting are open to everyone. This was not one of them.  And while we usually have a general idea of what will be discussed at each meeting, you never really know what will come up and how long it will take until you are in the middle of it.   After the meeting a medical issue came up that prevented the announcement in court that evening.  A few days later, the decision was made public for us, while at the same time the Stewards were planning an announcement of their own and the Merchant Staff was preparing the updated paperwork that will be sent out to merchants soon.  Unfortunately, an additional delay occurred so we could answer other urgent matters that had arisen.

Does Lilies care about merchants?

In fact, we do.  We understand that in order to thrive, we need to encourage more merchants to come to Lilies War.  In order to do that we need to provide the best atmosphere that Lilies War can provide.  That includes combining the market areas, and asking the populace to continue supporting all the merchant who attend the War as much as they can.  At other events, please talk to other merchants about Lilies War and encourage them to attend!  Perhaps together we can make Lilies War more than just a vacation for some, perhaps we can turn it into a vacation with a thriving and prosperous merchant area.  And frankly, more merchants and a better shopping experience will attract more people.

What about those merchants who don’t wish to move from the New Market area? 

Since we are opening up that area for camping it means that if a merchant doesn’t want to leave that area, for whatever reason, they can become an in-camp merchant. They will have to follow the rules for being an in-camp merchant.  But it’s an absolutely feasible option.

We believe this decision is for the best for our War. We have weighed options, and as outlined earlier, the logical course of action is to provide a consolidated merchant’s area where all merchants are all seen and known, drawing not only hopefully more, but better and more profitable shopping for our merchants. We know that not everyone likes this decision, and that some will even take it personally. We…I apologize for that.  It is never our intent to make anyone upset.  We also understand that individuals have to do what they think is best for them and their situation, even if that means not attending Lilies War any longer. But we ask that you please try to understand that we, the Committee, have to do what we feel what is best for Lilies War.

 As always, if you have any comments or questions about Lilies War please contact us via email at:

Event Stewards –

Lilies War Chair – lilieschair@calontir.ogr

 And if you are merchant and you have questions about merchanting at Lilies War, please contact the Merchant Staff at

Baroness Rebecca Beaumont, OP

Chair of the Lilies War Committee

From the Lilies War 32 Stewards

It has come to our attention as your Event Stewards for Lilies War 32: “Counties vs. Duchies” that the word has started to spread regarding the placement of merchants for the next Lilies War.

We wanted to announce that for Lilies 32, we are combining the merchant areas. The plan is to move all of the merchants into the Old Merchant area by the archery field. We hope that by making this change we will be able to simplify logistics and provide another lure to that end of camp.

We understand that this change will disturb how things have been set up in the past, including some personal camping areas. However, this decision was not made lightly. Several discussions were had, questions were answered, and the Lilies War Committee was consulted. We believe that at this time, this option is what is best for Lilies War

We appreciate your support while we make these changes.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact Komes Agamemnon Platylithodae at

In service,HL Katherine D’Arles and Komes Agamemnon Platylithodae
Lilies War 32 – Event Stewards.

Lilies War Committee Contact Information

If you have a comment, question, or concern that you would like the Lilies Committee or Event Stewards to hear please send it in an email to:

Lilies War Committee Chair:
Lilies War Stewards:

If you are merchant and have any questions about merchanting at Lilies War please contact our Merchant Staff at:

We will try to respond to you as quickly as possible. However, please remember that the individuals on the other end of these addresses do have other mundane obligations and if might take a bit to give each email it’s proper due.

And as always, everyone is welcome to attend the Committee Meetings. Our next one will be at Clothiers’ Seminar in February 2018.

Thank you,
Baroness Rebecca Beaumont, OP
Lilies War Committee Chair

Lilies Committe Meeting at Clothiers’ Seminar

Men harvesting wheat, Queen Mary’s Psalter, circa 1310. Public domain in the US

The Lilies Committee has scheduled a meeting at Clothiers’ Seminar, February 3rd at Wheatridge Middle School in Gardiner, KS.  The meeting will be at 3:00 pm in Classroom A.

The agenda should be available approximately one week before the meeting, per HE Rebecca Beaumont, so watch for an announcement in late January.


Lilies War Committee Page on Facebook

Detail from the Hunterian Psalter, Glasgow University Library MS Hunter 229 (U.3.2) circa 1170. Public domain in the US

In an attempt “to keep everyone updated on the Committee’s activities and meetings!” the Committee chair, Baroness Rebecca Beaumont announced the creation of a Lilies War Committee page on Facebook. From the About section of the page:

This is an unofficial announcement page for the Lilies War Committee. Lilies War is an SCA event held in June by the Kingdom of Calontir. The Committee is responsible for the year round decision making regarding the War, including choosing the Event Stewards for each year. if you have any questions about Lilies War or The Lilies War Committee please contact us at or

The Falcon Banner will republish any announcements on the page. Announcements are also usually posted on the Lilies War Committee Yahoo Group and on the Calonlist.

Lilies War Committee

Lilies War Committee. 50 likes · 47 talking about this. This is an unofficial announcement page for the Lilies War Committee. The Committee is responsible for the year round decision making…

Court summaries from Lilies War, June 10-18, A.S. 52

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

As The War of the Lilies has multiple opportunities for court, this reporter could not be everywhere and attend all courts.  Therefore, I apologize in advance for any missing awards and/or misspelled names, and will gratefully accept corrections to this report.  Please contact me at DorcasWhitecap (at) gmail (dot) com

Saturday evening court, June 10
Áed Ua Conchobair – AoA
Ulfvaldr Folkmarsson – Leather Mallet
Magnús Þorgrimsson – Leather Mallet
Vincent de Vere – Silver Hammer
Linda of Forgotten Sea – AoA
Robert Brockman – Court Baronage
Jürgen Weiter von Landstuhl – Laurel

Other court happenings Saturday evening:
19 newcomers received mugs.

Sunday field courts, June 11
John Bowyer – Iren Hirth
Yngvarr Oakson – Iren Fyrd
Vim of Flinthyll – Iren Fyrd
Jon Chesey – Iren Fyrd
Deo MacCillian – Iren Fyrd
Verena Näherin – Stile Fyrd

Wednesday evening court, June 14
Ivan Porvinnen – AoA
Isibil Edvinsdottir – Leather Mallet
Cecilia de Gatisbury – Calon Lily
Tigernan Flann – Torse
Juliana Macnayre – Cross of Calontir
Carson D’AuxErre – Purple Jess (premier)
Sorcha O’Riain – Laurel

Other court happenings Wednesday evening:
Ms. Thora Sigurdsdottir is the new Chancellor of RUSH.
Robert Dunlop was named the new Royal Brewer.
HL Alessandra de Piro is the new Archer General.

Friday field courts, June 16
Duncan Fearmac MacLeod – Pelican
Michael the Wanderer – Boga Hirth
Eric Thorn – Boga Fyrd
Hirsch Ross Eichman – Boga Fyrd
William Douglas – Stile Hirth
Gawin Kappler – Stile Hirth
Wilheard of Coity – Iren Fyrd
Aesileif Jotunsdottir – Iren Fyrd

Friday evening court, June 16
Robert Dunlop – AoA
Robert Shelton – Queen’s Chalice
Aastasia – Queen’s Chalice
Alto the Agreeable – AoA
Winnifred d’Artois – Laurel
Maegwynn Attewode – Golden Calon Swan
Olaf Thorvaldr – Leather Mallet
Faustus Cantilius Lupus – Leather Mallet
Felix Feyrer – AoA
Lynette Davéjean – Augmentation of Arms
Catalina de Arazuri – Pelican

Other court happenings Friday evening:
HL Johan der Hund received a bracelet from HRM Bryce of Meridies.
Vaclav Semjaka received a Chivalry scroll from Calontir, since he never got one from the Midrealm
It was announced that the Fyrd auction raised over $1000.

A Camper’s Guide to Lilies War

Updated with permission from the “The Newcomer’s Survival Guide to Lilies War”
originally compiled by Signore Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi aka Jibra’il Attar c. 2005

Welcome to the SCA and the Kingdom of Calontir!

If you’re reading this, it’s because it’s that time of the year when the Populace prepares to make their annual sojourn to the fields of Lilies War. You may be panicking because you don’t know what to expect, OR you know what to expect but with everything going on, you’re afraid you’re going to forget something.

How do you get the information you need to survive Lilies War without having a complete nervous breakdown? You’re looking at the answer right now.

This Camper’s Guide is broken down into a few sections to aid in your preparations:

  • General Site Information
  • Useful Camping Tips
  • A Comprehensive Packing List

The first thing that I suggest for everyone to do is familiarize yourself with the Lilies website:

By becoming familiar with the Lilies website, you will find ALL of the necessary information ahead of time: Who are the Event Stewards? Who is in charge of Sanitation Services? Who is the Fire Marshal on site? It’s easier to get things taken care of if you know who to go to.

The Lilies website is also the central repository of scheduling information before you get to site. It’s an excellent resource for preparing your personal Lilies schedule ahead of time, rather than showing up on site and trying to build a schedule from the Lilies booklet. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)

Speaking of the Lilies site booklet – be sure to read it once you’ve gotten it! There are a lot of important notices in there that many people skim over. The parking rules change sometimes, depending on the weather and park managers, for example.

Speaking of rules, here is a link to the Lilies War Site Rules:

General Site Information:

Here are some key reference points around the Lilies site that you will commonly hear people refer to:

LiliesLandmarksPARKING LOT: This is the primary parking lot. There is another lot just past GATE for the disabled and trailers.

GATE/TROLL: This is where you sign-in, take care of “lost and found” issues, and stock up on ice.

FIRST AID: This is where volunteers stand-by to assist with minor medical needs, find information about local clinics and hospitals, and re-charge medical devices.

COMPANY OF TRAVELERS: This is a group of people who attempt to establish an authentic medieval encampment (or as close to it as they can get). It’s a relatively quiet camping area off by itself.

FOOD COURT: There are a few food merchants at Lilies every year, to supplement your meal plan.

ARCHERY: This is where the archery and thrown weapons ranges are located.

OLD MARKET: This is the “Old Merchants” area, from the first few years of Lilies at this site. You will find some of the merchants still set up here.

OLD BATTLEFIELD: the Main Battlefield where most of the tournaments are held. Nearby you will also find most of the Baronial Encampments and the Royal Pavilion.

BARDS: This is where the Bardic Encampment is, just below “The Dog Leg” path to New Merchants. Aside from singing and stories, they also host Viking Mardi Gras on Monday evening.

NEW MARKET: This is the main merchant area. You will find many more merchants here.

ARTS & SCIENCES: Besides RUSH classes, this area also houses the Tailor’s tent, the Pottery tent, the Glass Workers tent, the Great Machine, Master Edward’s wood shop, and Heralds Point. You will also find a nice line-up of portable “facilities” here, as well as the on-site showers.

GRAND PAVILION: This is where Grand Court and the Lilies Ball have traditionally taken place, and also the Noontime Sing and overflow classes, however there won’t actually be a tent in that location for Lilies 2017.

The BROKEN HARP INN: Where everyone knows your other name. Runs on volunteers and donations.

TOR: This is the area that Aston Tor generally camps; they are most known for their Tuesday evening party.

NEW BATTLEFIELD: Used every couple of years when the old battlefield needs a rest. The Royal Pavilion is often moved here those years.

WULFGAR’S HILL: this is where the famous Lilies Fireworks are launched, named in memory of Baron Wulfgar Skypainter as decreed by His Majesty Tristram.


Camping Tips

This is a compilation of tips and suggestions from the Calontir mailing list.

A. Children At Lilies
If you have minor children or will be bringing minor children not your own. It is for your safety and the Society’s safety that the proper forms MUST be completed and notarized before arriving on site.

There are plenty of youth activities at Lilies, including Page School. However, these youth services are not a babysitting service. As a parent, legal guardian, or authorized adult, it is YOUR responsibility to take care of the youth under your supervision. If you have toddlers, watch them and join them in the youth activities.

B. Pets & Pet Care
If you are bringing pets to Lilies, be aware of them at all times. Think about whether or not your pet can handle the extreme weather that Lilies is known for. Dogs are probably the only type of pet that is suited to Lilies life.
If you decide to tie your dog outside of your pavilion, do not do so near the roadways or where people frequently walk. It does not matter how socialized your dog is, they may still get agitated. Also, smaller dogs tend to be aggressive towards larger dogs, and that just never ends happily.
Whatever you do, do not let your dog run loose. As the site rules point out, your pet must be on a leash at all times. That leash must be attached to a human being who is awake and conscious or to a permanent structure that the dog is not likely to knock over. Attaching your dog to their movable crate does not count.
Make sure that you are frequently checking that your pet is eating and drinking fluids, as well as getting plenty of exercise. Humans aren’t the only ones to watch for poor diets or dehydration in summer heat. Keep your pet’s water fresh.
If your pet gets jumpy during storms or when loud sounds occur, make sure to watch them on Friday nights during the fireworks displays.
Most importantly, clean up after your pets. Bring along the plastic baggy. Failure to clean up after your pets reduces the chances for everyone of bringing pets with them in the future.
Make sure to bring along records of your pets vaccinations and shots. Consider this a requirement.

C. Camping Areas
Officially, there are no reserved camp sites at Lilies, but many groups have traditional camp sites. It is useful to know where to find people, and to know where it might be polite to coordinate where exactly you put your tent.
Some camping areas are noisier than others. The area around the Broken Harp Inn can be lively many nights, and also the area near the beach and the bonfire. Some areas are just noisy on certain nights:

  • the Bardic encampment on Monday during Viking Mardi Gras,
  • the Aston Tor camp on Tor Tuesday,
  • the merchant areas for Midnight Madness on Wednesday night
  • the Coeur d’Ennui party on Wednesday night
  • the beach area hosts the Fireworks viewing and B3R Party on Friday night

Some camping areas are quieter than other. For example, the Company of Travelers area tends to be pretty quiet.
There is a Google map in progress to show where the main camps (and extra amenities) are: Google Map of Site

D. Campsite Set-up
When you get to your Lilies campsite the first time, check for low-hanging branches that could fall in a strong wind. Check for broken glass, sharp rocks, and other hazards. It’s nice to have a rake to clear your site before setting up.
Make sure that you keep your trash picked up and out of the way. If you keep your trash maintained, it will make for a smoother clean up and pack-up when you have to leave.
When setting up your tent or pavilion, make sure that you set your sleeping quarters so that your head is elevated. You don’t really want to wake up in the morning with that hung over feeling because all of the blood rushed to your head in the middle of the night.
Plan to dig a trench around the uphill side of your pavilion or tent to help drain water around, rather than through, you Lilies home. It would also be a smart idea to camp on the upside of the communal kitchen; dishwater running into your tent may not be something you’d like to wake up to in the morning.
Be aware of which direction the opening(s) of your tent or pavilion faces. You would be best off facing east (if possible) as storms and driving rain are less likely to come from that direction.
Have a scrap piece of carpet at the entry to your tent or pavilion to wipe your shoes on. Have your sleeping quarters set so that the foot of your bedding is nearer the door. Have a plastic bag handy to put your dirty shoes into. This will help keep the inside of your Lilies home cleaner.

E. Emergency Repairs
Bring along a basic toolkit for emergency repairs. A hammer, screwdriver, some duct tape, ropes, cutting knife, lighter, seam sealer, and extra tent stakes will go a long way.
Speaking of emergency repairs, have a sewing kit handy as well. Needles, thread, a seam ripper, grommets, cording, trim, and fabric patches are good to have on hand. You’ll never know when you’ll need to fix garb or do emergency pavilion repairs.

F. Things To Leave In The Car
Leave an extra set of mundane clothes and garb in the car. You may need that extra dry set of garb to get you through, or you may need that extra set of dry mundane clothes for that emergency run into the nearest town.
For those of you who like to shop and forget how to budget, have an envelope of gas money for the return trip home locked in the glove box of your car.

G. How To Avoid The Lilies Plague
For your own health, consider bringing along some yogurt (if you’re not allergic to it). The bacterium in yogurt helps reduce the possibility of catching the Lilies Plague (aka: diarrhea). Probiotic supplements may be substituted.
If you do catch the Lilies Plague, have some Imodium AD or a substitute handy.
If you haven’t caught the Lilies Plague, but you find yourself in one of the portable facilities where there appears to be evidence of such, have some variation of baby wipes and antibacterial hand cleanser with you. Your health will love you for it.

H. Preparing For The Heat
To aid in keeping yourself cool, consider wearing garb made of natural fibers. These fabrics tend to breathe easier in the summer heat.
One of the things to start doing before Lilies is acclimating yourself to the heat. There are no air conditioners, so it would be a good idea to get used to that concept before you get to site.
Speaking of acclimation, if you are an avid soda drinker, start switching out to water and cutting yourself off of the soda before Lilies. This will help reduce your attraction to bugs, as well as allow you to better absorb those necessary fluids during those hot summer days. [[For those who absolutely cannot cut out soda, you might want to invest in garlic pills to cut down on the sweetness of your blood. Be aware that garlic pills will make you smell a little funky though, as it will seep out in your sweat. Deodorant will be your friend in that case.]]

I. Staying Cool
If you are prone to heat stroke or have a hard time keeping cool, you might be wise in investing in a neck buddy. There are several websites out there with instructions on how to make them, and there have been a couple vendors at Lilies who have sold them. They are great for keeping you cool, especially if you’re in armor all day.
Before you dump the excess water out of your coolers and let it soak into the ground, pour some of it into a pan large enough to soak your feet into. It’s a great way to keep your feet clean and keep you cool at the same time.

J. Staying Hydrated
Keep yourself thoroughly hydrated. Drink water. Drink Gatorade. Drink pickle juice. Keep drinking fluids (preferably non-alcoholic) during the day. And at night, drink at least one water for every one alcoholic beverage.
Do not get offended if you have strangers asking you if you have had anything to drink recently or if you have gone to the portable facilities recently. You may look flushed and they are showing their concern. If someone offers you water, drink it. The same goes for food. Many people’s appetites are reduced at big events and find themselves getting hypoglycemic or water-logged (not enough electrolytes for the water drunk).

K. Meals & Food
Plan ahead for meals. If you are camping with a group, find out if they are doing a meal plan. If they are, pitch in to either cook a night or donate money to cover food costs. If they are not, bring along enough cash to enjoy the Food Court or have a cooler packed with pre-cooked foods that you just have to reheat on site.
I strongly suggest bringing pre-cooked foods versus things that need made fresh on site. First of all, if you pre-cook and store it in a freezer at home, you’ll have instant ice for your cooler. You will end up using less ice during your time at Lilies if you start off this way.
I would also suggest having two coolers to user at Lilies: one to store your pre-cooked foods in and one for your daily use. This way you only need to open the pre-cooked cooler once each evening to transfer over the next days meal(s), and thus you will only need to worry about keeping one cooler stocked with ice.
Or, with some planning, you can be “Eating Well — Without a Cooler” –

L. Staying Clean And Dry
Keep your garb and cloth bedding in plastic storage bins. Make sure you put things back in the plastic storage bins. Make sure the plastic storage bins are sealed completely. Keep the plastic storage bins off of the ground. There’s nothing worse than having forgotten to close up your tent or your plastic storage bin and come back to damp bedding and damp garb.
While we’re on this topic, pack an extra blanket, pillow, towel, and cloak…just in case you did forget to seal things up properly. Leave these extras in your car, so that they stay dry until needed.
Have a separate plastic storage bin for your warm weather garb and your cool weather garb. Make sure to bring both types of garb. Lilies is known to never have the same weather two years in a row. Come prepared for everything from Chilly Lilies to Sahara Lilies, from Serengeti Lilies to Squishy Lilies.
Have a sealed baggy with extra undergarments and socks stored somewhere accessible. If it gets wet or sticky, you’ll want to change out such things to keep yourself feeling refreshed. And believe me, you’ll be happier if you are not chafing or developing some sort of foot fungus.
Speaking of foot fungus, bring along a pair of flip-flops to use in the communal on-site showers. I’m not saying that you’re going to get some sort of foot fungus from your friends, but it certainly helps prevent spreading anything like this if you take the proper precautions.

M. The Portable Facilities
It may seem silly to suggest this, but bring along some toilet tissue or Kleenex with you. There’s nothing more embarrassing than utilizing one of the portable facilities and then realizing there is nothing handy to use.
For safety’s sake, the portable facilities are not toys. Do not hide archery shoot targets in them. Do not “borrow” any of the glow sticks from the portable facilities; you might find that it is you that sits in a puddle of Lilies Plague residue or a post-revel reminder.

N. Eye Care
For those of you who wear contacts or glasses, make sure that you have an extra pair packed away. If you are used to only wearing contacts mundanely, get used to the idea you may need to wear glasses at Lilies (in case you have a bad morning and can’t get the contacts in or they are too dirty to wear).
For those with glasses, make sure to pack some sort of cleaning cloth to use. You will be amazed at just how much dirt will collect on your glasses and how the slightest little smudge will magnify if you try to use your garb to clean them off.

O. In The Dark
Even though we all aim for a medieval atmosphere, have a mini-flashlight for your belt. When it gets dark out and there is little to no moonlight, you’ll want something to guide your way across the site. Lanterns and candles may add to the atmosphere, but not everyone has one on hand with them at those late night revels.
If you are using a lantern in your tent or pavilion, remember that you may not be able to see outside, but those outside can probably see a nice shadow show.

P. Sunscreen, Bug Repellent, and Ticks
Many of us remember to bring along sunscreen. Make sure that you use it. Be aware of the SPF on your sunscreen and remember to reapply regularly.
Wear some sort of head covering. Your scalp will like you for it by the end of Lilies.
If you do burn, have aloe vera or lidocaine on hand. If you can find the spray applicator, your burns will like you more; the last thing you really want to do is rub on a burn.
Speaking of spray applicators, find one of your favorite brands of bug repellent (that is not in an aerosol can). Ticks, mosquitoes, and other bugs are quite common at Lilies. But remember, even if you do use repellent, make sure to check yourself on a regular basis for ticks and insect bites.
For those wanting a heads up on staying away from ticks, try using Original Head & Shoulders shampoo when showering. It kills ticks and reduces your resident tick population. Do not use human shampoo on your pets though. They are not human and their skin cannot tolerate the chemicals in the shampoo.
Make sure that you are also aware of the symptoms of Lyme’s disease. Know where to get medical attention if you suspect you may have contracted it.

Q. First Aid & Medical Issues
Make sure that those you are camping with are aware of any allergies or medical conditions that you have. Let them know what to do in case of an emergency.
Have a First Aid kit easily accessible in your tent, in the communal area of your campsite, and a small kit on your person. You never know when you will need something.
Make sure that all of your needed medication is with you, and that you stay on schedule as much as possible. Also, bring along extra medication in case moisture seeps into your storage container. Soggy medication may not do you any good.
CPAP and motorized wheelchair batteries may be recharged at Chirurgeon’s Point, but it’s a good idea to bring spares. Some people recharge their batteries with solar chargers.
If you are a female, bring along feminine hygiene products. You may not need them yourself, but guaranteed someone else will.
For any adult out there, plan ahead (whether for yourself or a friend) and bring along protection. Have a supply of condoms on hand, and remember to use them.

R. Additional Foot Care
Make sure that you are not wearing new shoes for the first time. Break them in before you get to Lilies. Add inserts for added support if needed.
If possible, find some way to either waterproof your shoes, or add in some sort of plastic liner on the inside. This will help keep your feet from getting so wet after a lengthy rainstorm.
While you’re at it, pack an extra pair of shoes. You will want them if it gets too wet. Even consider bringing along a third pair and leaving it in your car.

As you can see, there are many tips and suggestions to help get you through Lilies War. This is a nice starting point, but there is nothing better than talking to others. You will always be amazed at what nifty ideas people have to enjoy longer events like this. Besides, it’s also a great way to listen to some exciting stories of Lilies past.


Packing Checklist

And here’s the one thing that everyone always asks for: a checklist of things to remember to pack. Feel free to tailor this to your needs; add or delete items as you see fit.


Thumbnail of Sample Lilies Packing List