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Greetings from HL Roise inghean ui Rhauidhrie, Kingdom Social Media Officer! In an effort to keep information flowing and sharing the fun happening in the Kingdom, I will be starting an weekly “news” post to share the exciting happenings in the Kingdom. So, let’s see what’s happening THIS week!

Position Announcements:

Kingdom Web Minister: There is a need for a new Kingdom Web Minister. Letters of interest must be received by TRM and the Interim Kingdom Webminister by August 1. Interviews AND office change-over will be held at Mad Dogs and Englishman in the Shire of Carlsby

Kingdom Earl Marshal: HG Ostwald’s term as Earl Marshal is coming to an end, and TRM would like to find a replacement in time for their Crown Tournament. To that end, if you are interested in being the next Kingdom Earl Marsha, please send an e-mail to TM Agamemnon and Gwen and to HG Ostwald by August 15th. Interviews will be held at Valor Tourney, in the Barony of Vitavia, which is held the last weekend in August (Laborday weekend).

Kingdom Seneschal: The Kingdom of Calontir is in need of a new Kingdom Seneschal. The letters of interest must be received by TRM and to the Interim Seneschal by September 1. Interviews will be held at the King’s Company of Archers and the office change-over will be held at Toys for Tots in Crystal Mynes


From Master Vincent DeVere: 10 years ago this week a group of us sat around at Raid or Trade and listened as Einarr, Liam and Alpin talked about their day dream of opening a pub together. Their musings eventually lead to talking about the idea they had at Lilies a few weeks before to have a tavern in their encampment.
I am not sure they believed me when I said “well you know . . it is possible.”

August 15-17 – join us at the Heralds Hill event Harpies and Hillians as we celebrate the 10th birthday of the Broken Harp . . but our celebrations are stacked on top of an already full event. Just look at that site page – food, fighting, archery and thrown weapons, equestrian, A&S. There are air conditioned buildings, nice flat camping space, shaded arenas for escaping from the sun, and I hear a rumor of birthday cake.

Our Friends from Wylde Nept will be there to add to the other bardic fun on Saturday night, and I believe there will be some beverages involved as well.

Unto the populace of Calontir, from HL Ailith Bystoune, Blue Hawk Herald, Clerk of the Order of Precedence, greetings!
I have received news from Calon Con and would like to address a great need brought up at that event, namely the spreading of information on how awards end up online and why they are sometimes messed up.

TRM and Their retinue as well as the local Herald submit a Court Report to me (and others) which I use to update an on line database. Thus usually happens one week after the event, although some times this can and has taken months. TRM also keep paper records that They pass on to Their Heirs.

Their Royal Majesties often rely solely on us, Their populace, to submit award recommendations from which They draw the spelling of names and home group affiliations. If these are incorrect, the only way anyone knows is if a member of the populace contacts me (VIA EMAIL ONLY: I will always attempt to reach out via the CalonList when something does not match up.
As of today, the OP online ( is up to date through the last court reported, at Horse and Falcon. Please go check your listing!

If you are missing an award (not including those given at Lilies, or those given by TRM Aggemenon & Gwen, as I do not yet have Court Reports for those events), email me and let me know so I can get it in the queue. Facebook messages and talking to me at events/etc will NOT get your change in the queue. When I get an influx of requests (as I did last night/this morning! Hooray!) I prioritize in the order of missing awards over name misspellings over home group affiliations. Though all will be addressed.
If you have any questions, please contact me (again, email is best)

Yours in Service,
Honorable Lady Ailith Bystoune
Blue Hawk Herald
Kingdom of Calontir

Pensic News:

From the Middle Kingdom FB page – Traffic/Construction report –
They are working on the bridge at exit 99 on 79 for Cooper’s Lake. It is a bad bottle neck. Can still get off using that exit but you might want to change route in or plan on different timing coming in. Please post to other groups as heads up

Lilies War Survey: Wow! 119 people have taken this year’s Lilies War Feedback Survey! That’s just over 10% of the attendees!
But don’t fret if you haven’t had a chance to take it yet, you’ve got two more weeks.
If you went to Lilies War this year, here’s your chance to speak up! We (the Lilies Committee, Event Stewards, and Staff) truly appreciate your answers and comments!
Please share this link with anyone who attended Lilies War 28! Everyone’s feedback matters!
And, if you didn’t attend Lilies 28, no worries! In the coming months we will be releasing another survey for everyone who in interested in shaping the future of Lilies War!
If you have any questions or comments just let me know!
Thank You!
Baroness Rebecca Beaumont
Lilies War 28 Feedback Survery

Kingdom Event:

Feast of Eagles! will be held this weekend, 7/26/14, hosted by the Shire of Cum An Iolair, located in Southern Johnson County, KS. Site will open at 8:30am and close at 10:00pm. Activities will be fighting, bocce tournament, A&S competition “bird in any medium”, a quest for all ages and a fantastic feast! The Order of the Laurel will also be meeting with TRM. So, come celebrate in a Mediterranian style at the Feast of Eagles! For more information, please see

WOW! That was a LOT of information, I know, but there is a huge amount of things happening in the Kingdom! Come celebrate eagles, check the OP and volunteer to give back to the Kingdom, but most of all, have FUN! Until next week…

HL Roise inghean ui Rhauidhrie
Kigndom Social Media Officer.