Ladies of the Rose, Consorts and Guests Cordially Invited to a Stile Pas d’Armes

A great Stile Pas d’Armes has been declared for the afternoon of October the Twelfth, following the Tournament to find the Heirs of Calontir.

All Ladies of the Rose as well as Consorts of the Contestants from the day and all they invite to join them, are cordially invited to join a great Gallery to witness and judge the acts of puissance, honor, chivalry and courtesy performed at said Pas.

Their Royal Majesties will present a worthy gift, a buckler made by Master Ravasz Janos, shown below.  Other prizes will be made available for the Gallery’s gift, and in addition the members of the Gallery are encouraged to offer praise and favor to those who they find worthy.

Please join us for a pleasant afternoon of guts and gore…er, um…sport, in honor of Crown, Heirs, Kingdom and the Art of Steel!

Master Mathurin Kerbusso



Cooking Classes at Lilies by Mistress Giraude and Master Tosten

From Mèstra Giraude Benet:

Küche mit Kachelofen, aus: Kuchenmaistrey, erstmals erschienen 1485 bei Peter Wagner. V

I’d like to share some info about the cooking classes that Master Tosten will be teaching at Lilies this year. They are under my name in the site book, but while I will be helping, he is the main instructor! You can sign up in advance to reserve a spot, which will help him know how much supplies to bring in. Both classes will be held at my cooking table setup across from The Harp!

Cooking in Clay – Baked Apples
Mèstra Giraude Benet
Private Encampment
Sunday, June 9 – 1:00 pm for 1 hour
Audience: Adults Skill Level: Beginner
Age Limit: 8 Fee: $30 (Fee includes a clay pipkin to keep) Max Size: None

Class Description: With Master Tosten du Calais. Explore the process of cooking in clay in the fire. Participate in the history of cooking, and go home with yummy yummy baked apples and your own pipkin. Cut up the fruit, season, and cook to perfection. Class is open to student 8 and above, with parental attendance in the class as well. You may sign up and pre-pay in advance at Tosten’s Pots

Cooking in Clay – Main Dish
Mèstra Giraude Benet
Private Encampment
Sunday, June 9 – 9:00 am for 2 hours
Audience: All Skill Level: Beginner
Age Limit: 8 Fee: $40 (Fee includes a small cooking pot to keep) Max Size: None

Class Description: With Master Tosten du Calais. Explore the process of cooking in clay in the fire. Participate in the history of cooking and go home with hearty main dish and a small cooking pot. Using period ingredients, create a unique combination for you and to share. Simmer your meal in the coals. And share with others, your interest in cooking and period life. You can sign up in advance on Facebook at Tosten’s Pots.  Anyone who might be interested in signing up for the class but who is not on Facebook can email Master Tosten at , and he will send a PayPal invoice.

HE Duncan Bruce of Logan on Twelfth Night 2019

From His Excellency Duncan Bruce of Logan, gleaned from MeWe.

Another successful and fun Twelfth Night in the Barony of Lonely Tower .

And to make this one extra special, His Excellency Thomas de Chateau Noir, the originator of the Social Club tournament was there. The Social Club went on for 4 hours of fighting. Between the top 5 finalists there were over 500 wins counted!

(For those of you who don’t know how the Thomas de Chateau Noir Social Club tournament works, it is a bear pit tournament where the winner stays on the field. The expectation is that the combatants will introduce themselves before each bout, and the loser informs the list table of the name of the winner. By the end of the day, all the fighters will have probably crossed swords with each of the others at least once, and hopefully will remember their names. Hence the “social” part.)

There were fighters from all over the kingdom, and everyone seemed to have a great time.

There was also an armored combat novice tournament that was well attended, in addition to several cut & thrust tournaments and a couple of A&S competitions.

Several worthy people were recognized by Their Majesties in court, many of which had to be fetched from the kitchen. Their Excellencies Lonely Tower celebrated their first year by announcing new archery and cut and thrust champions. And in Their final act in Their final court at Their final full event, Their Majesties brought Hugo van Harlo in Their Order of the Silver Hammer for all his research into and wonderful recreations of period map making techniques. Very well deserved.

Highlights from Toys for Tots 2017

The main news is, of course, the donations to the USMC Toys for Tots drive to provide toys for children whose families cannot. This year our donations were even more important; in October thieves broke in to the storage locker where donations were being stored and made off with several large boxes.

As usual, Calontir came through. The final count on toys was 2371 toys collected.


And once again this year, the local USMC presented the Kingdom with an award, the Coordinator’s Award. Their Royal Majesties and Their Royal Highnesses accepted the award and had Their photos taken with the local Sea Cadets.  The Award was later presented to Halvgrimr Riddari , who has been a driving force behind this…and also brought the most toys, over 300.


In addition there was a silent auction to benefit our friends in Ansteorra and Trimaris. The auction raised $434, which will be split between the two kingdoms.

The next big news was the elevation of the three premiers of Calontir’s Order of Defense, Donald Andrew MacDonald, Gawin Kappler and Ravasz Janos. The event was well attended by Masters from other kingdoms, wishing to lend their support.


There were two other elevations, those of Conna ingen Ui Chearbhaill to the Order of the Pelican and Severin Svendottir to the Order of the Laurel. We were unable to get photos of these ceremonies. As always, check Master Vilhelm von Lich’s Flickr feedMistress Rhianydd Arbeth’s Flickr feed, and other of the Kingdom’s great photographers for more images.

The Youth Combat, Cut & Thrust and Armored tourneys were well attended and well fought. Several folks stated this was the largest C&T tournament ever in Calontir, and I believe it may well have been.

Credit: Lorraine Devereaux/Lorraine Gehring

Credit: Lorraine Devereaux/Lorraine Gehring

Credit: Jóhann Steinarsson/Jay Reynolds


For more details on awards, recognition and elevations, see Dorcas’ Court Summaries