Call for Heralds for Valor XXV

THL Johann posted this request to the Kingdom of Calontir group on Facebook:


Good heralds all,

I will be posting this request in at least one other forum, and I ask that you please spread the word on regional(Baronial) message boards as well.

Valor 35 is coming up in less than 2 weeks, and we will need voice heralds to assist with camp announcements and with list heralding. Saturday, we are slated to have a man-at-arms tournament in the morning, and Sunday will be back-to-back tournaments with Cut & Thrust followed by the traditional Tournament of Valor. All three of these tournaments will require list heralds, and I certainly can’t do them all myself. I will arrange gifts for those heralds who help with the tournaments.

Camp announcements will be done twice daily on Saturday and Sunday. Morning cries will begin prep at 8 AM with the camp heralds beginning their rounds at 8:30. Saturday’s second announcements will be prepped at noon and delivered at 12:30; Sunday’s second announcements will be prepped and delivered once the Tournament of Valor concludes. The notebook where people can write down their announcements will be at the Gate table, prominently displayed.

To encourage camp crier volunteers, for every camp cry you show up at to help, your name will be put into a drawing. Thus, if you participate in all four camp cries, you get four entries into the drawing. Sunday evening in the Great Hall, I will draw one of those names from the hat, and the winner gets a special prize! (For those camp cry volunteers over 21, the prize may involve spiced wine. However, junior camp criers are also welcome, and there will be a non-alcoholic prize arranged in the event that an under-21 herald’s name is drawn, or if the winner is just not a fan of wine.)

Book heralds are more than welcome; HE Marie Chantal will have a consultation table in the air-conditioned Great Hall, and I know she would love to have company and assistance during the event.

I hope to see as many of you as possible this upcoming Labor Day weekend! Ever in service,
Heraldic organizer for Valor 35