Cattle Raids, August 23rd

Her Excellency Seraphina Brugari, Baroness of Mag Mor and Cattle Raids autocrat, has posted the following information. More details can be found on the web site

Greetings Calontir!  Cattle Raids is almost upon us, and we are excited to host Their Majesties and Their Populace in the Barony of Mag Mor on August 23rd!  Many thrilling and exciting adventures await you, as we embark into the Greco-Persian Wars!  Fighting, archery, equestrian, canine, A&S and children’s activities will fill the day, as well as feasting in the evening.  Camping space is ample, and the weather looks to be glorious. 

Site opens Friday evening at 5, and closes at noon on Sunday.  This is a pet friendly and WET site.

Fighting authorizations and inspections start at 9:30 Saturday morning, and a double elimination “Bring your best” tourney starts at 10:30.

A Fyrd sponsored Man At Arms Tourney will follow the open tourney.  This tourney is hosted by the Iren Fyrd of Calontir, and open to all unranked fighters. 

Open melees will occur as time and energy allow.

Calontir Steel will hold a double elimination tourney.

Archery at Cattle Raids opens at 10 AM Saturday, and will run until 4:30

Canine activities are included for the first time this year!  Activities start at 10 AM and run throughout the afternoon.

Several A&S competitions are slated throughout the day:

  • A Pre-print text writing competition
  • Gecko Persian (yes, the lizard) in any medium
  • A Blank border competition
  • An A and S round table show and tell
  • Childrens A&S show and tell

A Bardic competition will be held.  The theme is “Migration”.

Childrens activities begin at 10:00 with a boffer tourney, and will continue throughout the day with a Mini Olympics.

Equestrian activities will begin with a processional at 12:30, followed by a Greco Persian challenge in the arena.  The excitement continues into the evening following feast, with the 60 challenge.

An Inn is available on site from 11:00-1:30.  Greek lunch will be served.

A glorious feast by Mistress Gwyneth Espicier awaits us following court.  The menu can be found on our web page.

Our web page is being updated once again as we speak, and can be found at

We eagerly anticipate the weekend with good friends and good fun.


In Service,

Seraphina Brugari

Baroness of Mag Mor and Cattle Raids autocrat