Marie Chantal Delaire Made Extraordinary Herald at Valor

From Facebook:


Things that happened in Vatavia this weekend: a post from Gold Falcon.

On August 30th at the Tournament of Valor, I made Her Excellency Marie Chantal Delaire a Herald Extraordinary for her service to Vatavia, the Southwestern region of Calontir, and Calontir’s College of Heralds for the past two decades. This allows her the use of a personal heraldic title and recognizes her as a senior member of the College.

More can be seen here regarding the post and the scroll text, and I believe there will be photos of Her Excellency being so recognized.

Vivat Marie Chantal Delaire, our newest Herald Extraordinary!

Konstantia Kaloethina


See Konstantia’s blog post for more information about the title Extraordinary Herald and pictures of the scroll.