The March to Lilies: The Hundred Years Week

From the Lilies website

As part of Coronation, Duchess Aislinn sponsored an A&S competition of the best Hundred Years War period crest. Overall, we were impressed with the quality of all of the crests. Three stood out, however. Sir Halvgrimr’s peacock was fantastic. HL Aiden might very well have won, if his crest had not actually been from the 1500s, not the time of the Hundred Years War. The winner was HL Cearr MacBrendan’s wolf, which was an excellent, and documented, period example of a crest.

As part of his victory, Cearr will choose 10 resurrections for either the French or English. As he has yet to make his choice, I suspect Sir Snorri and Mistress Rhianwen might have to bid for those resurrections.

On to other items. HL Jawhar, the Gate Steward, is beginning his call for people to serve at the gate. If you are interested in helping out, please email

Next, if the Lilies theme makes you interested in new Hundred Years War garb, at Clothier’s Sir Mathieu Chartrain will be teaching about the garb of Hundred Years War soldiers.

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