Gulf Wars al-Mahala

Mistress Margavati Bai is extending the deadline to submit classes for al-Mahala after the official deadline (which was the 18th) to today, January 21st and still get them in the book.

Follow the link below to submit your classes:


Lady Majda Anwar,
Department Head, al-Mahala

Mistress Margavati Bai,
Class Coordinator, al-Mahala

What is al-Mahala?

Gulf Wars XXII presents a magical opportunity for the SCA re-enactor to explore the widest possible range of historical activities. This twenty plus year tradition of rich diversity of topics is well represented within the microcosm of al Mahala, offering classes in cuisine, music, dance, garb, arts and sciences of not only The Levant, the Arabian Peninsula and Persia, but also India, Andalusia; Ottoman and Silk Road regions as well…