More News from Chieftains

Gleaned from Facebook:

Chieftains, B3R

AoAs were granted to Lord Bero von Wustenbrunner (Jason Longwith), Lady Kitten, and Lord Torvin Vortison.

THL Isen (Donald J Pratt) was given his AoA scroll from the Midrealm.

Mistress Aislinn, Seneschal, announced that applications are being accepted for Kingdom Reeve until March 14th.

Herzog Hirsch Eichmann begged the boon for his squire, THL RicharddeBleys, to be elevated to the Chivalry.

Sir Hassan begged the boon for his squire, THL Matsu (Carl Phillips), to be elevated to the Chivalry.

In Baronial Court, THL Gwendolyn verch Morgaine stepped down as Seneschal of B3R. Mistress Conna (Carol) stepped into the position.

Their Excellencies gave leave for their subjects Lord Sveinn Njalsson (Duane Nelson) and Lady Ragnheiðr Refsdóttir to marry.

Sir Hassan won the Tournament of Chieftains

THL Matsu won the sword-and-shield tourney

Herzog Hirsch won the two-handed tourney

Sir Hassan won the Bear Pit

Baron Ravasz won the Steel tourney

Faustus Cantilius Lupus won the man-at-arms tournament