Cattle Raids court summaries, August 28, A.S. 56

On the field:
Orren Tokesson – Iren Hirth

In evening court:
Róise ní Ullacháin – Laurel
Oswyn Moon – AoA
Aurik of Mag Mor – AoA
Jean Jollivet – AoA
Cera Ruadhan – AoA
Aggie of Mag Mor – AoA
Amon Attwood – Silver Hammer
Séamus Yonger – Order of Chivalry / Knight

Other court tidings:
The Barony of Mag Mor presented largess and a tithe.
Master Rolf Hobart won the “War in Any Medium” A&S competition.
Ymain of the Borderlands won the blank border competition.
Lord Emerick Jones won the Bear Pit C&T tournament.
Joachim Courtenay der Marxbruder won the “Bring Your Best” C&T Tournament
Master Rolf Hobart won the “Shoot the Roses” archery shoot.
Master Rolf Hobart and Roland won the “King’s Companie” archery shoots.
Lord Gaius Cornelius Scipio Titianus won the Novice armored tournament.
Duke Hirsch Ross Eichman won the “Bring Your Best” armored tournament.
The “Silly Two-person” tournament was won by Duke Caius Equitius Rectus Xerxis and HL Orren Tokesson.
18 newcomers received mugs.

Raiding Cattle. Diebold Schilling the Youger. 1513

Feast of Eagles court summary, July 31, A.S. 56

Your humble court reporter begs indulgence for the lateness of this report.  Their Majesties’ White Hawk delivered his notes to me in a timely manner; this failure is mine alone.

In court:
Alia Martialis – AoA
Gawin Kappler – Torse
Diana Tantini – Golden Calon Swan
Ælin Kausi – Cross of Calontir
Randlar of Cum an Iolair (Randr Tokesson) – Torse
Tatiana Belaia – AoA

Lovebirds in the 14th-century Codex Manesse (Cod. Pal. germ. 848, f. 249v). Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, CC BY-SA

Plague’s End court summary, June 12, A.S. 56

In court:
Æthelwynn Stíðmódu – Golden Calon Swan
Roxelana Bramante – Torse
Lawrence of Grimfells – Golden Calon Swan
Aoife inghean Uí Tormaigh – AoA
Caleb Talbot – Leather Mallet
Juan Hector Valdez – Torse
Wilhelm von Brandt – Torse and Iren Hirth

Other court tidings:
Baroness Genevieve de Chambery brought news of the upcoming event in Westumbria.
7 newcomers received mugs.
Sir Anton von Hagenstein and Sir Duncan MacTorquill brought news of the upcoming Regional Equestrian Practice in Wyvern Cliffe.
Lady Fabia Narcissa Patricia stepped down as Kingdom Chronicler, and is replaced by the Honorable Lady Anne von Weingarten.
The Honorable Lady Tola Rufusdóhtor stepped down as Kingdom Seneschal, and is replaced by His Excellency Galen MacColmáin.
Mistress Brigida von München stepped down as Gold Falcon Herald, and is replaced by the Honorable Lady Zaneta Baseggio.

Lilies, Crown Tournament, and Coronation Postponed

Below is the complete text of TRMs posting to the Kingdom Facebook page. Main highlights are:

  • Lilies is postponed. Event stewards and staff are working on plans for a scaled down version in the fall.
  • Crown Tournament is postponed to a future date, when it can be safely held.
  • Coronation will be postponed, with the intent of giving future heirs at least a month before elevation
  • No plans to hold virtual courts

Good evening Calontir!

First, we appreciate everyone who attended our Q&A session this evening. Your concern for your fellow Calontiri heartens us. For those of you unable to attend, we know that it was short notice, but hopefully this message will cover most of the high points for you. Many of you have, until now, had a lot of unasked questions and uncertainty. We hope that this has helped alleviate those fears.

Along those lines, while we all labor with the uncertainty of the pandemic it has been Our task to keep Kingdom morale high, and to do our best to help you meet those needs from our home. Using that as a metric, last week we failed you. We apologize to you all for that and we will strive to do better. Further, if you find yourselves unhappy with the SCA, the Kingdom, or the management of your local groups under our restrictions we accept that blame as well. Please direct that ire where it belongs – on us.

Here is a very brief summary of the announcements we made this evening

-In light of the most recent health guidelines and information released by both Missouri and Iowa on Monday 4/27, We are postponing Lilies. The event stewards and staff are working hard on plans for a scaled down Lilies in the fall, and details on that will be released as they are available. While we will all miss our usual Summer, His Majesty and I are looking forward to this and greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone working to still give us that Lilies experience a little further down the road. We cannot thank them enough for time they have given and the dedication they have shown to the Kingdom.

-Because of this postponement, Our Crown Tournament is also postponed. Our current intent is to hold it as soon as it is safely possible, and We will be investigating options for that. We are working with the Society to obtain variances for several possibilities. We thank them for their willingness to work us to see that our Customs and Traditions are preserved.

-As far as other June activities are concerned, We will be maintaining our previously stated method of making decisions on a month-by-month basis and will be evaluating the possibility of smaller events, meetings, and practices for June in mid-May. We want to thank the Barons and Seneschals and Kingdom Reeve for their continued patience and support.

-With Crown Tourney postponed to an uncertain future date, Coronation must be as well. We hope to have heirs as soon as we can safely do so, and to give them at least a month to enjoy being heirs and to organize for their own reign and the continued betterment of all Calontir.

-All of these postponements lead to the necessity of seeking a variance for the extension of our own reign. We had hoped to avoid this deviation from tradition, but it has been made unavoidable by the current circumstances. We will be working to find the best possible solutions for finding our heirs to follow us in maintaining Calontir and hope that We have your patience and understanding while We do so.

The following are some additional notes based on your questions and comments:

-Please do keep the business of the SCA as active as you can – planning events, seeing to the local books, and reports. We do not know what the future time tables will be for events, and we understand that some details may be hard to pin down with not all businesses and site locations open, but if we are not planning for upcoming events now, there will be nothing to attend when the time comes and we are able to be together again.

-We do not have any plans for Virtual Courts. Those that have happened in other Kingdoms have mostly been due to the necessity of having heirs step up. The business we have outstanding, elevations specifically deserve more than an electronic thank you.

-Many had kind words for us on the reign so far and we wanted to acknowledge our entire royal household, and specifically Mistress Jorunn and Mistress Gabby for the incredible amount of effort that they have put in behind the scenes keeping us organized and making us look good. Similarly, Mistress Rochwen has been instrumental in organizing and creating the beautiful scrolls for awards that we have given and many that we have yet to give. They all deserve more thanks than we can possibly express.

These times are difficult for everyone. We know that you feel strained, patience is tried, tempers are short, and fear whispers to you. We know what to do and we know how to do it, but to stare unwavering at uncertainty is eventually bound to shake even the most dauntless.

Pick your friends and siblings up. Help them stand strong so that they may do so for you in turn. Hold Fast Calontir.

Until death take Us, The world end, or Our rightful heir take this burden from Us.

Lucian and Tamar

Winter War Maneuvers court summaries, February 29, A.S. 54

In afternoon court:
Jorunna Refsdottir – Torse
Kennocht Armstrang – Iren Fyrd
Emerick of Crystal Mynes – Iren Fyrd

Other court tidings:
HRH Jason Drysdale brought gifts from Ansteorra.
The Barony of Mag Mor presented largess.
Mistress Briganza la Voyaguer presented new banners for display during vigils.
A boon was begged for Seamus Yanger to join the Order of Chivalry.

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

Chieftains court summaries, February 22, A.S. 54

On the field:
David of Forgotten Sea – Iren Fyrd
Lord Giacomo dalla Fattoria dello Stato is Their Majesties’ Stile Champion.

In evening court:
Lisette of Three Rivers – Golden Calon Swan
Violette of Three Rivers – Golden Calon Swan
Li Jun Quan – Torse
Eli of Three Rivers – Queen’s Chalice
Eli of Three Rivers – Falcon’s Claw
Nemesis Erycina – Golden Calon Swan
FrøygæiRR Fasthaldi – AoA
Hildibrandr Tjúguskegg – Torse
Auga Ormstunga – Torse

Other court tidings:
The Barony of Three Rivers presented largess and a tithe.
Lord Da’ud ibn al-Kabsh al-Garnati al-Ma’iz won the Chieftains Bardic competition.
Eli of Three Rivers won the Chieftains Youth tournament.
Duke Anton Raghelan won the Chieftains Cut & Thrust Dance Card tournament.
Duke Bataciqan-nu kö’ün Ashir won the Chieftains Cut & Thrust tournament.
Sir Alric upplendingr won the Chieftains travelling trophy.
Dominius won the Chieftains Novice tournament.
Honorable Lady Bronwen de Westhold won the Chieftains Arts & Science competition.
7 newcomers received mugs.
Lady Quiteria la Roja will be the next Chancellor of RUSH.
Sir Snorri Bjornsson presented a scutarius to His Majesty Lucian.
A boon was begged for Ashland de Mumford to join the Order of the Laurel.

Rivers & Caxton Presenting book to Edward IV. circa 1480

Queen’s Prize Tournament Court Summary, February 8, A.S. 54

In evening court:
Frithuswith Ui Cremthainn – AoA
John Bowyer – Leather Mallet
Asher de Lokwode – Leather Mallet
Arnþóra Rúnviðardóttir – AoA
Caitilín inghean Uí Lochlainn – Leather Mallet
Tyr Ironscales – Leather Mallet
Lawrence Withers – Leather Mallet
Furia Cincinnata – Golden Calon Swan
Margery of Penrith – Silver Hammer

Other court tidings:
Honorable Lady Melisent McAffee presented a new kneeling cushion.
Representatives of the Barony of Three Rivers informed the populace about the upcoming Chieftains Tournament.
5 newcomers received mugs.
His Majesty Lucian reminded the populace about the upcoming Gulf Wars.
Mistress Halimah bint ‘al Abbas ‘al Tanji introduced herself as one of the Kingdom Advocates.
Mistress Roselyn of Aberdeen and Lady Catin of Edington invited the populace to Spring RUSH in Calanais Nuadh.
Lord Finán mac Crimthainn received the Judges’ Choice prize.
Avalon of the Black Fleet received the Queen’s Prize, youth category.
FrøygæiRR Fasthaldi received the Queen’s Prize.

Heracles and Omphale, 45-79 AD

Court summary from Clothier’s Seminar, February 1, A.S. 54

In evening court:
Rachel of Three Rivers – AoA

Other court tidings:
Honorable Lady Lisette la fauconniere d’Amboise received her Silver Hammer scroll, due since the reign of Anton II and Isabeau.
The Shire of Cúm an Iolair presented largess and a tithe.
Honorable Lady Elaisse de Garrigues received the scroll for her Calon Lily, which she was granted by Anton IV and Yseult.
7 newcomers received mugs.
Countess Zenobia of Rebelswood was presented the scrolls for her AoA and Boga Fyrd, due since the reign of Chepe and Arwyn, her Boga Hirth, due since the reign of Cire and Elisabeth, her Torse, due since the reign of Asgeirr and Miriam, and her County scroll, due since the reign of Shadan and Alix.

Four women sewing linen clothes. From The Tacuinum Sanitas of Vienna, Late 14th century. Public domain in the US

Court summaries from the Coronation of Lucian II and Tamara, January 11, A.S. 54

Final business of Anton and Yseult:
Elasait ingen Diarmata – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction for Courtesy
Kajsa Nikulasdotter – King’s Favor
Isengrim Sleggja – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction for Ideals of the Society

First court of Lucian and Tamara:
Sir Gavin O’Shannon is the King’s Champion.
Sir Avraham ben David Hakhuzari is the Queen’s Champion.
Mistress Jorunn Eydisardottir is Their Majesties’ Chamberlain.

Evening court:
Joseph Angus Wilson of Clan Gunn – Thegn
Catalina de Arazuri – Thegn
Yseult de Michel – County

Other court tidings:
The Barony of Forgotten Sea presented largess and a tithe.
Mistress Anna Plantyn swore fealty as the new kingdom Exchequer.
David won the armored combat tourney.
HL Jonathan Hogue won the novice Cut & Thrust tourney.
Master Gawin Kappler and Lord Emerick Jones won the Cut & Thrust melee tourney.
HL Adelaide Sarsfield won the Blank Border competition.
Alec Diriksson won the Youth Combat tourney.
Sir Gaius Flavius Auxilius is the first recipient of Tamara’s Favor.
1 newcomer received a mug.
Duke Tristram of LindesfarneCountess Conna ingen Ui Chearbhaill, and Mistress Halimah bint ‘al Abbas ‘al Tanji are the new Kingdom Advocates.

Edward II of England receiving his crown. 1307-27