Unofficial Event Report from Spring Spears

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  • Leashed mace tourney – HG Sir Ostwald
  • Spear tourney- Sir Cedric
  • 3-Man bridge tourney – HG Sir Ostwald, HL Cillian MacMarroo, and Lord Daniel Steelbender
  • A/B Draw tourney – HE Sir Lucian+Gunnar.
  • Man-at-Arms tourney was won by Wilheard.
  • General A&S was won by HL Gwendolyn Verch Morgaine
  • Bardic was won by HL Hanne Abendschein, Eleanor (Duncan and Gillie’s daughter), and Dov.
  • The thrown weapons
    • Boga Hus – Baron Jon Tristram
    • Best Boga Fyrd – Sir Andy Ward
    • Unranked – Sir Sato Jiro
    • Aliza was recognized for her enthusiasm on the thrown weapons field

Unofficial Court Report:

  • Ostwald begged the boon for HL Erik de Tyr
  • Richard de Bleys was knighted.
  • Margery of Penrith received her AoA