Lilies XXIX — Elevations Scheduled for Lilies

Thanks to Mistress Eleanor Deyeson:



  • Uldin of Ravenscroft – sunset – vigil overnight at the Fort on the battlefield


  • Cionnadh mac Cosgraigh – 7:00pm – vigil in Conna’s encampment in B3R (meet at taste of Calontir)
  • Eric de Tyr – sunset – vigil overnight at HG Ostwalt’s camp near the battlefield (meet at Royal Pavillion)


  • Eric de Tyr – 9:30am – Knighting ceremony on the battlefield
  • Uldin of Ravenscroft – 5:00pm – Knighting ceremony in opening court
  • Cionnadh mac Cosgraigh – 5:00pm – Laurel ceremony in opening court
  • Guillaume la Sudeterre – after court – vigil in the bronze casting area (meet after court)


  • Mathieu Chartrain – 7:00pm – vigil in Jorunn and Avraham’s camp (meet prior at Grand Pavilion)


  • Maren Thorskapitr – 6:00pm – vigil in tent near permanent shelter on the point where the C d’E party is


  • Guillaume la Sudeterre – 5:00pm – Laurel ceremony in Grand Court
  • Maren Thorskapitr – 5:00pm – Pelican ceremony in Grand Court


  • Gustav Jameson – 9:30am – Pelican ceremony at the Ladies of the Rose tourney field


  • Mathieu Chartrain – 1:00pm – Laurel ceremony at closing court