Midrealm Bardic Madness October 31st

Midrealm’s Bardic Madness is upon us.

Bardic Madness XVII , “Fillet of a Fenny Snake”, will be hosted by The Marche of the Unicorn, in the Barony of the Flaming Gryphon, on October 31st

(MacMillan Hall, Miami University, 531 E Spring St, Oxford, Ohio 45056)

We will explore the relationship between Shakespeare and Halloween. Yes, there are many Macbeth references 🙂

Some of the challenges that day will be:

  • “Speaking For-Seuss-ly”
  • “Look Ma, No Hands” (that’s Shakespeare Puppet Theater, Titus Andronicus Edition)
  • “At Last, Poor Yorick” (give voice to a dead person, fictional or real)

And our “Come As You Aren’t” party!

For a full list of challenges and more info on the event, go to

And, in particular, please contact me if you’d like to be a patron or teach.

Llywelyn Glyndyverdwy
(Mark Cipra) cipram@sbcglobal.net