Online Course Available: “A History of Royal Food and Feasting”

Future Learn, the University of Reading and Historic Royal Palaces are offering a free online course, A History of Royal Food and Feasting.

This course is intended to explore the changing tastes of English royal palaces, through the lens of five different monarchs:

  • Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace
  • Elizabeth I at the Tower of London
  • George I at Hampton Court Palace
  • George III at Kew Palace
  • Victoria at Kensington Palace

More than just a survey, the course is designed to have you explore recipes, learn to evaluate and redact recipes, get insights into each of the monarch and get a behind-the-scenes look at each of these historic palaces.

The course lasts five weeks, about three hours per week. For more information, go to the course website:

A History of Royal Food and Feasting – University of Reading

Unable to play video. Please enable JavaScript or consider upgrading your browser. Did you know that Henry VIII ordered the first apricot trees to be planted in England because he couldn’t get enough of them? Or that chocolate was first introduced to England by Charles II to compete with the French court?