Unto the grieving populace of Calontir do Their Royal Highnesses Logan & Ylva bid solace

In this time of Our collective grief, We want everyone to know that We appreciate that many of you may feel conflicted about attending both Our Coronation and the services for His Grace Ostwald, and that We understand if anyone feels they cannot attend Us. Please do that which will give you the fewest regrets.

We have spoken with the event steward for Our Coronation, Her Excellency Nicolete de St Denis, and there will be a time and place for all of Us to remember and appreciate His Grace. Any thoughts you may care to record, or tokens you wish to give will be transported to Her Grace Kay of Gordon to honor her husband.

If We have spoken to you about participating in Coronation, and you now feel that you cannot attend, please let Us know at your earliest convenience.

We want everyone to celebrate His Grace in the manner they feel is most fitting. This is Calontir, and family comes first.

— TRH Logan & Ylva —

ostwald arms