The Falcon Banner Scroll Archive Project

The Falcon Banner is beginning a new project, the Scroll Archive Project.

Headed up by Mistress Dorcas Whitecap and Mistress Aidan Cocrinn, the goal is to preserve and display the texts and images of scrolls given out to the Calontir people. We will concentrate on GoA and PoA scrolls for now, but may expand to examples of Royal pre-prints for other awards at a later time. A new item, Scroll Archive, will now appear at the top of the page where the Archive can be found.

Scribes’ labors make our experience of the SCA richer and more beautiful, but often their work is only seen ephemerally and then whisked away to the recipients’ home, never to be seen by most Calontiri again. The Scroll Archive Project is intended to make the beauty of these works more accessible that they may be appreciated more widely.

If you personally have a scroll that you would like to see preserved, and you know the text author, calligrapher and illuminator so that we can obtain their permission to publish, please contact Dorcas, Aidan or myself to arrangeĀ publication.

Thank you,

Mathurin, editor
Non nobis solum


Men harvesting wheat, Queen Mary's Psalter, circa 1310. Public domain in the US

Men harvesting wheat, Queen Mary’s Psalter, circa 1310. Public domain in the US