Calon Lily for Hanne Abendschein

Calon Lily for  THL Hanne Abendschein

Text by THL Vǫlu-Ingibiǫrg (formerly Ingeborg bildsbriótr Ulfsdottir), Calligraphy and Illumination by Mistress (then THL) Katherine von Heilige



Calon Lily scroll for Hanne Abendschein




When Hanne sees that bardic, there may be

otter nor pup so full of joy as she

She calls the bards, begs Calontiri give heed

“My friends and comrades, such words we shall now speak

And sing and play and in the dance make free

That all shall know of Calontir’s great spree!”

From her glad mouth a gloomy song it seems

But full of mirth we all join as she leads

In time of dance through the measures she speeds

Twirls in a cote she made to serve her needs

“Watch her at work,” say our great King and Queen

“She must become a Lily by Our creed.”

And with wise nods, the others have agreed.

“Abendshein yes, a right good Lily she, “

Done this day, October 13, A.S. XLVII, by King Hirsch

And Queen Magdalena, at Our Barony of Forgotten Sea.

As 12th Cent. Anglo-Norman: decasyllabic; caesura after 4th syllable; 10th syllables use assonance (‘ee’ in this case) throughout the stanza.
Inspired by something Hanne performs–the 88th stanza of Sayer’s translation of The Song of Roland:
When Roland sees that battle there must be,
Leopard nor lion ne’er grew so fierce as he.
He calls the French, bids Oliver give heed:
“Sir friend and comrade, such words you shall not speak!
When the king gave us the French to serve this need
These twenty thousand he chose to do the deed;
And well he knew not one would flinch or flee.
Men must endure much hardship for their liege,
And bear for him great cold and burning heat,
Suffer sharp wounds, and let their bodies bleed.
Smite with your lance, and I with my good steel,
My Durendal the Emperor gave to me:
And if I die, who gets it may agree
That he who bore it, a right good knight was he.”