Calon Lily Scroll for Elspeth of Stonehaven

Calon Lily scroll for HE Countess Elspeth of Stonehaven

Caligraphy, Illumination and Text by THL Konstantia Kaloethina


Elspeth Calon Lily


King Ashir exercising the royal authority and power, with the assent and consent of Ashland the Queen, his wife, to the dukes, duchesses, earls, countesses, barons, etc., announces that he has granted in perpetuity to one such Countess Elspeth of Stonehaven her entrance into the Order of the Calon Lily, and all responsibilities, rights, and privileges of said Order. He also grants to the same Countess use of the badge of this order, to wit: Per pale purpure and Or, a fleur-de-lys within a bordure counterchanged.  Also granted to the same Countess a full toft for her use in embroidering fine cloth, beside the church in the shire of Lost Moor. He orders that 1/10th of 1/10th of the tax on wool gathered in the Shire of Lost Moor shall be granted to her for the upkeep of this toft. In addition Ashir grants the ploughgate of land from the desmesne neighbouring Stonehaven with three tofts and thirty acres of moor, fifteen acres on one side of the vill and fifteen on the other, and a croft of meadow surrounded by an old ditch of which the raising of sheep may occur.

Full documentation at Konstantia’s blog

Calon Cross Scroll for Willam Douglas

Calon Cross for THL William Douglas

Text by Master Mathurin Kerbusso, Calligraphy and Illumination by Lady Ayisha bint Asad

Calon Cross Scroll for William Douglas

Calon Cross Scroll for William Douglas


As word-fame is woven
by works and by wonders,
Who labors in lord’s hall
is a pearl of great price.
Lo the keeper of keys,
falcon-perch of the people.
Proved is the good man by
the love of his lady

Acolyte of Egil,
the wielder of wound-reeds.
Mead-worthy the marshal,
Field-steward of flax-pole.
But best is the bearer
of wands of the willow
to lessen the lacking
of those with the bow-thirst

A maker of money
well-marked is his merit.
Good guild-man of graving
the bright dew of Draupnir.
Full four has he fashioned
Crown-gild of bright coinage.
No hire nor no barter
Save his fealty fulfilled.

Well-honed are the wound-fires
blood-dewed from the battle.
Well skilled in the steel-dance
and doughty is Douglas.
Good, too, as the teacher,
sword-tender, helm-bringer,
and bearer of baton
on the field of the fray

Now told is the tally,
the were-gild of William.
The Khan pays in purple,
Qatan in bright wave-flame;
the Cross of the Khanate,
for neck-ring and parchment.
In the waning of winter,
the ebb of the Men’s Month.


Pelican Scroll for Neathery de Safita

Pellican Scroll for Mistress Neathery de Safita

Text by Master Mathurin Kerbusso, Calligraphy and Illumination by THL Violetta Yolent Saint-Clairen von Stuttgart


Pelican Scroll for Neathery de Safita

Pelican Scroll for Neathery de Safita


Sing, my tongue, a most glorious elegy

For dearest noble lady, born of the City

And risen amongst the gentle Calontiri

Foretold by omen comet and by crosses red


With brush feeds anima, spiritum with her pen

Gladdens hearts with drawn silver, jewels and pearls

With her vielle she calls the dancers to the dance

And with kind heart and gentle voice bids scribes to draw


Laudable seamstress, and domina of scholars

Servant and guide to regia Calontiri

Phoeban with bow who brings to ruin Calon foes

Unending is the record of her advantage!


With Cross and Hammer stamped, and bearing Lily blooms,

Upon her brow a diadem of gold and pearls.

Now to this add cloak and cap of a Pelican

Heeding now the populus cries of “Ave! Ave!”


The gens and nobilium gather now together

As Rex and Regina at the end of vigil

In grant of boon, and in the shade of Aventine

Raise her up a Peer and take her pledge and oath


Neathery de Safita

Invited into the Order of the Pelican

On VI Idus Aprilis, Anno Societas LI

From the hands of Ashir, Rex Calontirii and Ashland, Regina Calontirii


Words in italics are Latin.

The verse is based on elegiac verse, maintaining the hexameter form but substituting iambic feet for the dactylic feet that would have been Period appropriate. It borrows themes from some works of Venantius Honorius Clementianus Fortunatus (c. 530 – c. 600/609 AD), specifically Pange Lingua Gloriosi Proelium Certaminis (“Sing, O tongue, of the glorious struggle”) and examples from the book Poems to Friends


County Scroll for HE Sir Duncan Bruce of Logan

County scroll for HE Sir Duncan Bruce of Logan, done in the Reign of Bataciqan-nu Ko’un Ashir and Ashland de Mumford

Text by Master Christopher Amber, Calligraphy by Mistress Mirabel Wynne, Illumination by HL Áine nic Táilliúir


Logan County Scroll

SEND forth word to all the Known World of the commendable achievements and glorious deeds we celebrate this day.
PROCLAIM it as well to all the corners of the Calon Kingdom that its Crown would recognize by custom tradition and desire one of the line of Falcon Kings.
AMONGST those treasured in Calontir, one Logan, sometimes called Duncan the Bruce’s son, has been raised and augmented by Heartland Crowns.
MANY are those amongst the Falcon’s subjects that count a friendship and special kinship with this warrior and servant for and of the populace of his native lands.
BRAVE and Bold he has striven to give all of himself and many were the occasions that he would test the mettle of those who he would serve as King.
LO then, the day arrived when honorable combat proved right and well that the finest combatant, the true heir, should find him alone victor of Crown Tourney.
OF years in advance of any to first claim a Crown in the Known World, he had been forged by sword, tradition and example into an heir Calontir deserved.
ON his head the prince’s crown set well and with his princess he began preparations against their ascension and Calontir’s place amongst its friends and allies.
DESIRING to show the strength he felt and gathered from his consort, when the Day of Coronation came, he ascended to the Falcon thrones not alone but in companionship.
YLVA, daughter of Jon, did he his drottning bring to share the duties, burdens and joys of rule as he himself assumed the mantle of Konung of the Land of Storm Cleavers.
VERILY the populace of Calontir cried out acceptance of this pair and in great numbers embraced the chance to offer fealty which held a special meaning in the Konung’s heart.
IN earnest need he began to gather troops to assist in the Pennsic conflict and many were those who felt the need to answer the call of their Crown.
KONUNG and General both, he pledged the Falcon would fly, on wings outspread, wherever the Ealdormere Wolf lead and great were the exploits and comradery shared by these Kingdoms.
IN Surtur kissed lands he did not fail his Kingdom, as he sat amongst his people, providing the bounty of Frost Giant’s toil to those who had ventured forth along with him.
NOW the Falcon lands enjoyed peace and many were the recommendations he and his drottning heard and well deserved were those elevated amongst the populace and peerage.
GATHERING by force of personal invitation, he also set a tourney to assure a Calon heir and some thirty one combatants honored him by hearing his word and answering that call.
SO now but a few of the deeds of this Man have been laid out, let those who may have more speak it to him, that he may know of the love that this most Beloved Konung may enjoy as, rightfully, by Law and Tradition, the seal upon this saga is set with a County Coronet.

County Scroll for Her Excellency Mistress Ylva Jonsdottir

County scroll for HE Mistress Ylva Jonsdottir, done in the Reign of Bataciqan-nu Ko’un Ashir and Ashland de Mumford

Text by Halgrimr riddari, Calligraphy and Illumination by Ayisha bint Asad


Ylva County Scroll pt. 1Ylva County Scroll pt. 2


Ylva’s Saga


None doubt the gifts of the Stormcleaver……

When the Heartlands were in need of a Harkonung,

The gosling of battle protected her from all great dangers and in time

When most needed, The Guardian of the Heartland,  

gifted the spear-kin with wise and generous heirs.


Logan, a mighty warrior,  and his heart-bearer Ylva.

Graceful and beautiful, Ylva’s wordfame was yet a whisper

but soon it would be louder than a blast from Gjallarhorn!


It was soon observed that she was no commoner,

she was intelligent, well spoken, and in all respects well behaved.

Those who knew her thought well of her, and considered her

a most excellent woman.


Upon ascension, The Folk hastened toward the Falcon Thrones

men and women, a multitude and a crowd,

throng and a troop; unending happy faces and open hearts

both the venerable and those in the springs of their lives

pressed forward and ran toward the Krongur’s fair maid,

Every one of them in the rejoicing Hjartlund became cheerful

And lifted ale-prows after they learned that once again

A ring-rich Northern peace-weaver had returned to the High Seat


With Joy in their hearts, from that time until they no longer could,

High minded courageous Calon goðar went forth;

Fierce comrades, bold warriors, Skaldi-blessed, highly skilled artisans

Saddle beast tamers and hearts-blood givers bearing Her banners high,

joyfully moving forward, with stern minds and stouthearted souls

slowly increasing the minds worth of the kingdom in her name.


Upon being seated upon the Calon High Seat,

She took great pleasure in discovering and commemorating

The achievements of her People and Her Kingdom,

Knowing that it is enlightening to discover the prowess and skill

Of others, even more so to recognize them for doing it freely.


Displaying love and giving name fame

Creating smiles and honoring those who please her so.

Graciously heaping praise on those who toil at their crafts

Encouraging the deepening of life-blood wells,

Giving battle-garb to the newly trained levy of the Calon Host,

Ever gleaming Cup-bearer upon the fields of war.


And when the time came, in addition to the adoration of her people,

Ylva, wise drottning, Hammers’s heart, rune counselor and life-blood giver

did win not only everlasting renown for her grace and generosity

But was adorned with a high seats helm for long remembered deeds

done for her land and her people.


Calon Lily Scroll for Severin Svendottir

Calon Lily scroll for THL Severin Svendottir

Text, Calligraphy and Illumination by Halgrimr riddari, Chair by Thorin Badgerson


Calon Lily scroll for Severin Svendottir

Calon Lily scroll for Severin Svendottir


Hearken, Calontir,
to Our Ring-givers praise
for Severin of Denmark,
daughter of Sven!

A praiseworthy peace-weaver(1)
is Severin the skillful:
Woods bane(2) tender,
Weaver’s thorn wielder(3).
We hold her the highest
in the research of her peoples.
We call her Hearth-tender,
Lady of the Fire,
Binder of Seams,
Dispenser of mirth and joy.
We praise her here
for all of her arts:
her lore, her knowledge
and her pursuit of mastery.

Ever giving of life-liquid(4)
is this cup-wif of the Falcon:
a sought after teacher,
a knowledge-seeker;
such a joyous spirit
never matched in the sagas of old.

The Breaker of Rings(5) Logan and Cup Cwen Ylva
have honored her,
As witnessed by the Aesir and Vanir,
fairly and fittingly
with Lily flower!
Thus They proclaim
from Their High Seats.
Severin has mind’s worth(6)
now and forever!

Horns of mead were emptied and a mighty cry of SKOL erupted when this was done in by Their hand in Their Barony of Lonely Tower on the 18th day of Haustmánuður, during the time of Náttleysi.

1) A kenning for woman
2) A kenning for fire
3) A kenning for needle
4) A kenning for service
5) A kenning for Chieftain
6) A kenning for honor

IIRC, and I need to double check my notes at home, the runes in red that are in various places say:

Chair by Thorin
Runes written and stuck by Halvgrimr riddari
Commissioned by Aslinn gold-friend
Lovingly blessed by Jorunn

Also, because I am a big fan of the graffiti the Vikings left behind, like that in the mosque of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, on the rear of the chair it says (in runes) “Halvgrimr was here”

Court Barony Scroll for Yesungge Altan

Court Barony Scroll for Syr Yesungge Altan

Text by Syr Kaidu, Calligraphy and Illumination by THL Konstantia Kaloethina words by Syr Kaidu




Many cycles of the sun have passed, since Yessunge Altan did pack his ger and leave his honored position in the Keshik of the Great Falcon Khan.

He followed his heart, far to the east and north, to find himself in a land virtually surrounded by the dark ocean waves.

Undaunted by the watery bane of so many of his Mongol brethren, He made his home in the Canton of Distant Shore, to serve the Khan of the Blue Tygre Ordu.

Such was his prowess and service to his new home, that he was soon named Bagadur, a hero of the people.

Since that acclaim, he has continued to labor greatly. Training warriors, promoting the arts and sciences, and hosting many gatherings for the enjoyment of all.

Now, Omega Khan and Etheldra Khatun, would reward his steadfast loyalty with a symbol of abiding friendship, and name him a Baron of their court.

Calon Cross Scroll for Gunnar Thorisson

Calon Cross scroll for Master Gunnar Thorisson

Scroll Text, Calligraphy and Illumination by THL Ines Alfón


Calon Cross scroll for Gunnar Thorisson

Calon Cross scroll for Gunnar Thorisson


Lo in Calontir, the harvest long as hay gathers in the wain,

Anton and Isabeau hone thanks All to Gunnar; raise Tyr-valiant

bridges strewn of words. Bragi! Valhalla’s skald,

pour your mead for Mor, produce her Dwarves’ Drink.


Gunnar Thorisson likens gracious soul-blood

Bit-piece gift-give:  by truth-webs told.

Deed-famous Myner daring Midgard-rover.

Strives Mor for staves standing as worthy thanks.


Hail the thunder moon home to the halls of the heartland,

Sheaves of shining strands Snotra of Earth son’s Hall –

Gloats through troubles bring treasures:  go trade for crop of braids

Land-rich king enjoys leisure in his words and deeds.


Upon the heartland’s rim, upwards Gunnar is driven

One to walk this wheel of Hild:  in western lands

Testing his story’s net:  true bracing ring-givers,

Shows the Calon Helm, Supports the Calon Rose.


Trunk of the sword-trees. Trust of his axe-born leaders

Wrath-teacher for wolf-feeders Wrestles the raven-friends

Selfless Gunnar has earned Stature granted by arms;

His deeds bring honor to the halls of Anton and Isabeau.


Hear Grìmnir’s lip-streams hewn on calfskin worked

All for Odin’s burden, A Calon Cross has wonder!

Staves stand as thanks, strophes of worth-ship and troth

Praise the ash-born thunder, Prize his service and deeds



This is a translation into regular text of the prose of the Drottkvaet. Each paragraph matches a stanza of the poem. It is a part of many Drottkvaet that the author begs of the gods to help write the stanzas. Date signed is noted as Sun-month. Somewhere around July 13th is the last day of the sun-month, and the beginning of the thunder-month.

Mor inghean Chathail, also known as Ines Alfon


Here in Calontir, we are of the time of the harvest. Anton and Isabeau wish raise Gunnar up as a hero, thank him with these words. Mor, as the creator of the text, prays for help from Odin to make it worthy of Gunnar and Their Majesties.

Gunnar Thorisson place his heart into his work as a webminister for various groups. He is a Crystal Myner coming from the Midrealm. Mor works for words to stand as worthy thanks.

As this moon-month of July-August starts here in Calontir, We know that as Snotra prophesied good from Loki stealing her hair, so does Anton enjoy knowing the good wrought from Gunnar’s words and deeds.

Gunnar’s work is also in the real world of the SCA, working on kingdom websites and autocratting Anton and Isabeau’s coronation, supporting the current and former crowns in all they ask.

Gunnar also does a lot of work as the Knight Marshal of his group,. Because of this service, Gunnar has earned this grant of arms; his deeds bring honor to halls of Anton and Isabeau.

Hear all the words written upon this scroll, for all of Gunnar’s service, he is hereby introduced into the order of the Calon Cross. This poem and scroll praising his works, letting all who read it know of the worth shown in Gunnar, and how much is prized his service and deeds.

Calon Lily for Hanne Abendschein

Calon Lily for  THL Hanne Abendschein

Text by THL Vǫlu-Ingibiǫrg (formerly Ingeborg bildsbriótr Ulfsdottir), Calligraphy and Illumination by Mistress (then THL) Katherine von Heilige



Calon Lily scroll for Hanne Abendschein




When Hanne sees that bardic, there may be

otter nor pup so full of joy as she

She calls the bards, begs Calontiri give heed

“My friends and comrades, such words we shall now speak

And sing and play and in the dance make free

That all shall know of Calontir’s great spree!”

From her glad mouth a gloomy song it seems

But full of mirth we all join as she leads

In time of dance through the measures she speeds

Twirls in a cote she made to serve her needs

“Watch her at work,” say our great King and Queen

“She must become a Lily by Our creed.”

And with wise nods, the others have agreed.

“Abendshein yes, a right good Lily she, “

Done this day, October 13, A.S. XLVII, by King Hirsch

And Queen Magdalena, at Our Barony of Forgotten Sea.

As 12th Cent. Anglo-Norman: decasyllabic; caesura after 4th syllable; 10th syllables use assonance (‘ee’ in this case) throughout the stanza.
Inspired by something Hanne performs–the 88th stanza of Sayer’s translation of The Song of Roland:
When Roland sees that battle there must be,
Leopard nor lion ne’er grew so fierce as he.
He calls the French, bids Oliver give heed:
“Sir friend and comrade, such words you shall not speak!
When the king gave us the French to serve this need
These twenty thousand he chose to do the deed;
And well he knew not one would flinch or flee.
Men must endure much hardship for their liege,
And bear for him great cold and burning heat,
Suffer sharp wounds, and let their bodies bleed.
Smite with your lance, and I with my good steel,
My Durendal the Emperor gave to me:
And if I die, who gets it may agree
That he who bore it, a right good knight was he.”

Laurel “Scroll” for Cathus the Curious

Laurel Scroll for Master Cathus the Curious

Text by Mistress Aidan Cocrinn, Candle Stand by Dammo Uttweiler, Calligraphy and Illumination by Mistress Luckie Galsbrenner



Candle stand/scroll for Cathus the Curious


Main Laurel Scroll for Cathus the Curious

Main Laurel Scroll for Cathus the Curious



Behold now ye the chandler ever toiling

Making his lights for others own workings


Now see the dancer, lightly his treading

Spinning, weaving, joyous in his laughing


He is music maker, knowledge giver

Thus is Cathus, curious and clever


Lead Falcon college by BelAnna’s word

Rebirth the learning, RUSH too long deferred


These things are worthy, honorable, just

Laurel honor and peerage certain must


Logan and Ylva, Crowns of Calontir

Raise Cathus the Curious to a Peer


Know all those who read this, henceforth all know

From today ever forward We do bestow


Cathus his Laurel by Our Hand is done

17 September in Year Fifty-One.