Court Barony Scroll for Yesungge Altan

Court Barony Scroll for Syr Yesungge Altan

Text by Syr Kaidu, Calligraphy and Illumination by THL Konstantia Kaloethina words by Syr Kaidu




Many cycles of the sun have passed, since Yessunge Altan did pack his ger and leave his honored position in the Keshik of the Great Falcon Khan.

He followed his heart, far to the east and north, to find himself in a land virtually surrounded by the dark ocean waves.

Undaunted by the watery bane of so many of his Mongol brethren, He made his home in the Canton of Distant Shore, to serve the Khan of the Blue Tygre Ordu.

Such was his prowess and service to his new home, that he was soon named Bagadur, a hero of the people.

Since that acclaim, he has continued to labor greatly. Training warriors, promoting the arts and sciences, and hosting many gatherings for the enjoyment of all.

Now, Omega Khan and Etheldra Khatun, would reward his steadfast loyalty with a symbol of abiding friendship, and name him a Baron of their court.