Calon Cross Scroll for Willam Douglas

Calon Cross for THL William Douglas

Text by Master Mathurin Kerbusso, Calligraphy and Illumination by Lady Ayisha bint Asad

Calon Cross Scroll for William Douglas

Calon Cross Scroll for William Douglas


As word-fame is woven
by works and by wonders,
Who labors in lord’s hall
is a pearl of great price.
Lo the keeper of keys,
falcon-perch of the people.
Proved is the good man by
the love of his lady

Acolyte of Egil,
the wielder of wound-reeds.
Mead-worthy the marshal,
Field-steward of flax-pole.
But best is the bearer
of wands of the willow
to lessen the lacking
of those with the bow-thirst

A maker of money
well-marked is his merit.
Good guild-man of graving
the bright dew of Draupnir.
Full four has he fashioned
Crown-gild of bright coinage.
No hire nor no barter
Save his fealty fulfilled.

Well-honed are the wound-fires
blood-dewed from the battle.
Well skilled in the steel-dance
and doughty is Douglas.
Good, too, as the teacher,
sword-tender, helm-bringer,
and bearer of baton
on the field of the fray

Now told is the tally,
the were-gild of William.
The Khan pays in purple,
Qatan in bright wave-flame;
the Cross of the Khanate,
for neck-ring and parchment.
In the waning of winter,
the ebb of the Men’s Month.