Court Report for Feast of Eagles, July 28, 2018

Alfonso X “El Sabio” and his Court, 13th Century. Public domain in the US.

Ms. Dorcas is on assignment to the Debatable Lands, so we are re-printing, in part, Lord Hugo van Harlo‘s report as posted on the Calonlist:

Lord Leon Oliver, an Award of Arms

Lady Astryd Gleðill, an Award of Arms

Lady Thorlein Knockenhauer, a Torse

Lord Bauduin de Wolf, an Award of Arms

The boon begged for His Lordship Dirik Von Rosswald to be invited to
the Order of Chivalry

Let it also been known that applications for the Kingdom
Webminister, a Great Officer of State, shall be accepted until
September 30th. Candidate interviews to be held at Crown Tournament,
and the new webminister announced at Vertigo.