Kingdom A&S Championship event court summary, July 20, A.S. 54

In evening court:
Nicola Bramante – AoA
Sigvarðr Skarfr – AoA
Gwyneth Rorrigsdottir – Golden Calon Swan

Other court tidings:
2 newcomers received mugs.
Their Excellencies Søren atte Raven and Rúadán del Wich begged leave of Their Majesties to retire from the Baronial seat of Forgotten Sea.
Duchess Aislinn Morcroft and Countess Elena Moreno del Mar are Their Majesties’ Thegns.
Her Excellency Rebecca Beaumont won the Judges’ Choice prize.
Honorable Lady Izza al Zarqa is the new Kingdom A&S Champion.

Woodblock from Ulstadt’s 1525 work, Coelum philosophorum seu de secretis naturae liber. Public domain in the US