King’s Companie of Archers court summary, September 7, A.S. 54

In evening court:
Bero von Wustenbrunner – Boga Fyrd

Other court tidings:
Their Majesties asked the populace of Forgotten Sea for commentary on the candidates for the new Baronage.
Honorable Lord Galen MacColmáin spoke of the King’s Companie Book.
2 newcomers received mugs.
Archer General Ashland announced the day’s winners:
Yeoman longbow – Lord Roger of Bellebrocton, 1st; Lord Yngvarr Bjarnakarl, 2nd.
Yeoman recurve – Lord Franz Johann Gottskrieger, 1st; Duke Bataciqan-nu Ko’un Ashir, 2nd.
Fyrd crossbow – Lord Asher de Lokwode (of Loch Bheathrach), 1st; Master Johann Steinarsson, 2nd.
Fyrd longbow – Duchess Ashland de Mumford, 1st; Baron Hugh Du Puy, 2nd;
Fyrd recurve – Lady Olivia Scarritt, 1st; Lady Disa of Calanais, 2nd.
Hus crossbow – Master Rolf Hobart, 1st; Master Dammo Utwiler, 2nd.
Hus longbow – Master Daniel Martel, 1st; Master Lief of Crescent Moon, 2nd.
Hus recurve – Honorable Lord Roderick de Graham, 1st; Honorable Lord Truetvin Inglefinger, 2nd.
Baronial teams – Forgotten Sea, 1st; Vatavia, 2nd.
Boons were begged for William Fletcher of Carbery and Juliana Macnayre to join the Order of the Pelican.

Archery practice at earthen butts, c1325. The center markers are small wreaths. Detail from the Geoffrey Luttrell psalter. Public Domain in the United States

Tournament of Valor Court Summaries, AS 54

Saturday court, August 31:
Varrus of Vatavia – AoA
Skapti eldboðungr – Leather Mallet
Veyl Robertsson – AoA
Bertram Grűnrock – AoA
Elizabeth Raven – AoA
Hieronymus aka Hero – Golden Calon Swan
Generis Vach – AoA
Alessandra Corsina – AoA
Darius van Delphin – AoA
Roben Dunlop – Leather Mallet

Other court tidings:
Royal sanction announced against Titus Decimius Alexander (aka Xandre), to expire 1/11/2020.
A gift of stained glass was presented to Their Majesties.
The Barony of Vatavia presented a tithe.
A Torse scroll was presented to Kolsveinn Stýrismaðr; scroll was astray since Lilies 2019.
An AoA scroll was presented to Samuel Strangefellow; also astray since Lilies.
The First Ax was presented to Master Magnus Anskegg.
Cherish Otte of Ansteorra read a letter from the Baronage of Raven’s Fort, Elrique de Netterville and Sarah Róís Netterville, commending the Seneschal of Westumbria.
Countess Conna ingen Ui Chearbhail is the new Royal Nomenclator.
5 newcomers received mugs.
Duke Tristram of Lindesfarne is the interim Kingdom Advocate.

Sunday court, September 1:
John Bowyer – Chivalry

Codex Manesse, UB Heidelberg, Cod. Pal. germ. 848, fol. 17r, “Herzog von Anhalt”, 1305-1315. Public Domain in the United States

Cattle Raids court summary, August 24, A.S. 54

Raiding Cattle. Diebold Schilling the Youger. 1513

On the field:
Æsileif Jotunsdottir – Iren Hirth

In evening court:
Emerick Blackpool – AoA
Alaric Acwulf – Torse
Fastmundr Eldjarnsson – Torse
Dragii the Serene – AoA

Other court tidings:
The Barony of Mag Mor presented largess to the Crown.
Bartholomew Mercer won the Novice rattan tourney.
Duke Caius Equitius Rectus Xerxis won the “Bring Your Best Game” rattan tourney.
Lord Deo MacCillian won the “Best Teammate” rattan tourney.
Lord Cian mac Lorccáin huí Chonaill won the “Opposites” steel tourney.
Master Mikhail Nikolaevich Kramolnikov won the “Wound” steel tourney.
Lady Miakushka Loshkina won the Blank Border competition.
Lady Lizbet of Spinning Winds and Æþelwyn æt Ulancumbe tied for the A&S win.
8 newcomers received mugs.
While Her Majesty Yseult won the archery competition, Master Rolf Hobart had the highest score.


Pennsic Court Summaries, A.S. 54

This reporter did not go to Pennsic.  My thanks to Lord Jon Chesey for his court notes.  As always, updates and corrections are welcome.

On the field:
Oisín Haconson – Iren Fyrd
Rashid ibn Ahmad al-Ra’is – Iren Hirth

In Calontir court, August 8:
Lucia of Vatavia – Leather Mallet
Ívarr fótviss – Leather Mallet
Elizabeth Hathaway (formerly known as Dorissa) – Golden Calon Swan
Juan Hector Valdez – Leather Mallet
Hugh du Puy – Sword of Calontir

Other court tidings:
The East Kingdom banishment of Sir Halvdan Lynkehand was upheld in Calontir.
Lord Moon Hides the Sun received a replacement AoA scroll for his that was destroyed in a tornado.
1 newcomer received a mug.

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

Feast of Eagles court summary, July 27, A.S. 54

In evening court:
Giraude Benet – Leather Mallet
Yang Shaoyun – AoA
Seamus Yanger – Leather Mallet
Adelaide Sarsfield – Cross of Calontir

Other court tidings:
A boon was begged for John Bowyer to join the Order of Chivalry.
The Cooks Guild presented largess.
The Parliament of Owls presented largess.
2 newcomers received mugs.
Lord Thomas Wunderer von Leipzig won the Man at Arms armored tourney.
Count Marius Lucian Fidelis won the armored tourney.
(Also worthy of remark is that there were 44 fighters in the Feast of Eagles armored tournament.)
Lord Øyríkr Raðúlfsson (Yurik) won the Gentlemen’s steel tourney.
de Wulf won the Cloak & Dagger steel tourney.
Master Mathurin Kerbusso and de Wulf won the 2 Man steel tourney.
Master Gawin Kappler won the Bear Pit steel tourney.
Melchior Woelffling van Meckelenburch won the Thrown Weapons tourney, unranked division.
Lord Asher de Lokwode won the Thrown Weapons tourney, in the ranked division.

From “Janvier”, Les Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry. c. 1412-1416

Kingdom A&S Championship event court summary, July 20, A.S. 54

In evening court:
Nicola Bramante – AoA
Sigvarðr Skarfr – AoA
Gwyneth Rorrigsdottir – Golden Calon Swan

Other court tidings:
2 newcomers received mugs.
Their Excellencies Søren atte Raven and Rúadán del Wich begged leave of Their Majesties to retire from the Baronial seat of Forgotten Sea.
Duchess Aislinn Morcroft and Countess Elena Moreno del Mar are Their Majesties’ Thegns.
Her Excellency Rebecca Beaumont won the Judges’ Choice prize.
Honorable Lady Izza al Zarqa is the new Kingdom A&S Champion.

Woodblock from Ulstadt’s 1525 work, Coelum philosophorum seu de secretis naturae liber. Public domain in the US

Court summaries from the Coronation of Anton IV and Yseult, July 13, A.S. 54

Final business of Donngal and Catalina:
Cooks Guild – Order of the Falcon’s Heart
Galen MacColmain – King’s Favor
Tristram of Lindesfarne – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction for Chivalry
Sibilla Swaine – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction for Courtesy
Huscarl Hotel – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction for Ideals of the Society
Rhodri ap Hywel – Court Baronage

Other court tidings:
A change to Kingdom Law was read into court.

First court of Anton and Yseult:
Duke Hirsch Ross Eichman is the new King’s Champion.
Count Marius Lucian Fidelis is the new Queen’s Champion.
Master Isengrim Sleggja is TRM’s Chamberlain.

Evening court:
Jurgen Weiter von Landstuhl – Calon Cross
Adelaide Dewey – Torse
Catalina de Arazuri – Duchy
Ivan Porvinin – Leather Mallet

Other court tidings:
A boon was begged for Donngal Eriksson to join the Order of the Pelican.
Honorable Lord Janos Katona won a William Blackfox Award for Best Poetry or Short Fiction for his original song, “The Vow”.
Other Blackfox Award nominees were recognized.
8 newcomers received mugs.

Edward II of England receiving his crown. 1307-27

Court Summaries from Lilies War, June 7-16, A.S. 54

As the War of the Lilies has multiple opportunities for court, this reporter could not be everywhere and attend all courts. Therefore, I apologize in advance for any missing awards and/or misspelled names, and will gratefully accept corrections to this report. Please contact me at DorcasWhitecap (at) gmail (dot) com

Saturday evening court, June 8:
Kolsveinn Stýrismaðr – Torse
Tatar-un Sechen – AoA
Allison of Forgotten Sea – Calon Cross
Kennocht Armstrang – Leather Mallet
Eilish nee Salee del Ray – AoA
Samuel Strangefellow – AoA
Uldin of Ravenscroft – Court Baron
Sung Sai-erh – Court Baroness
Johann Steinarsson – Pelican
Marius Lucian Fidelis – Keeper of the Flame

Other court tidings Saturday evening:
15 newcomers received mugs.
Honorable Lord Lawrence Taillefer the Leech and Mistress Geneviève de Chambéry were invested as Baronage of Vatavia. They presented a gift of scutari blanks to Their Majesties.
The Barony of Vatavia presented gifts to Uldin and Sung.
Their Excellencies Owen and Malkin of Gryphon’s Lair presented gifts on behalf of Their Majesties of Artemisia.

Sunday field courts, June 9:
Alan Smyith of Darkdale – Master of Defense
Gaius Flavius Auxilius – Chivalry

Thursday field courts, June 13:
Emeline de Moulineaux – Pelican
Giacomo dalla Fattoria dello Stato – Stile Fyrd
Devlin O’Sirideain – Stile Fyrd
Erik Tokesson – Iren Hirth
Eleanor nic Duncan – Golden Calon Swan

Friday evening court, June 14:
Rima al-Wadi – Silver Hammer
Skapti eldboðungr – AoA
Miranda Logansdottir – Leather Mallet
Caitilín inghean Uí Lochlainn – Torse
Cara Wythers – Calon Cross
Lothar der Rote – Calon Cross
Moon Hides the Sun – Golden Calon Swan
Andromir Vukovic – Calon Lily
Salvatore of Forgotten Sea – Leather Mallet
Morgan Brown – Falcon’s Claw
Katherine von Heilige – Iren Fyrd
Bataciqan-nu ko’un Ashir – Laurel

Other court tidings Friday evening:
16 newcomers received mugs.
Mistress Kristine nic Tallieur will be the new Kingdom Minister of Arts & Science.
Mistress Rebecca Beaumont announced that bids are being accepted for Lilies War 2020.

Illustration of the Battle of Barnet (14 April 1471) on the Ghent manuscript. Public domain in the US

St George & The Dragon / Bardic Bedlam Court Summary, May 11, A.S. 54

In evening court:
Selene of Lesbos – Torse
Jon Chesey – Golden Calon Swan
Alvira MacDonald – Pelican
Aiden O’Seaghdha – Court Baronage

Other court tidings:
Master Daniel Martel was the winner in the Ranked Archer category.
Copin di Gentile was the winner in the Unranked Archer category.
Honorable Lady Ayisha bint Asad took home the A&S prize.
Emeric was the winner of the novice tourney, and led a 3-fighter team to victory.
Honorable Lord Charles Vaux won the bear pit tourney.
Christopher Allen won the Cut & Thrust tourney.
6 newcomers received mugs.
Duchess Ashland de Mumford will be the new Archer General.

Sant Jordi, Bernat Martorell. 15th C.