In Memoriam: The Passing of Countess Morgana of Raglan

Sad news comes this week of the passing of Countess Morgana of Raglan.

Morgana loved this Kingdom and served as its 17th Queen. She also served as Baroness of Lonely Tower, among many other services she did for Calontir.

I remember Morgana as a vibrant, enthusiastic, encouraging and kind woman. Her presence was a constant of my earlier SCA career, and always a welcome one. She will be sorely missed.

Master Mathurin

Calontir has suffered another devastating loss. My friend Countess Morgana of Raglan has departed this world. My heart is heavy. I served the Kingdom as Waterbearing Coordinator when she was Queen. She was one of those who encouraged me when I was first learning how to make beads. I will miss this lady.

Master Mellitus

Morgana loved cats.  She would pick up and try to save any stray cat or kitten that came her way.  We were friends for over 30 years and had lots talks about cats, fiber and just about any thing else.  Moving back to Mag Mor I was looking forward to spending time with her.  I will miss her, she will be missed many.

Countess Salamandra


Sing Non Nobis!