Toys for Tots court summaries, November 16, A.S. 54

In morning court:
A boon was begged for Róise ní Ullacháin to join the Order of the Laurel.
Letters of Intent for becoming one of the new Kingdom Advocates are due by 22 November.
Visitors from far, far away presented largess of toys to the Crown.

On the field:
Elias de Jaye – Iren Hirth

In evening court:
Aiden O’Seaghdha – Golden Calon Swan
Copin di Gentile – Boga Fyrd
Caitlyn Rochwensdaughter – Purple Jess
Asher de Lokwode – Boga Hirth
Dammo Utwiler – Pelican

Other court tidings:
11 newcomers received mugs.
The event collected 2181 toys.
The Barony of Forgotten Sea brought the most toys as a group: 709
Lady Cordeilla uxor Alexander donated the most toys by an individual: 409
Master Lief of Crescent Moon won the archery fun shoot.
Honorable Lord Asher de Lokwode won the Toys for Tots archery tournament.
Eli won the youth tournament.
Duke Caius Equitius Rectus Xerxis won the Toys for Tots Cut & Thrust tournament.
Brunr Olafsson (called Bob) won the novice tourney.
Honorable Lord Elias de Jaye won the Toys for Tots tournament.