Announcement: All Calontir Activities Canceled Through April 6

From Their Royal Majesties Calontir, Lucian II and Tamar Atia Albia Tamara

At this time, we have come to the conclusion that we will be suspending activity for the next 3 weeks extending through Monday April 6th.

This means all organized SCA activities events, meetings, and practices, in that time period will be cancelled.

Over the next weeks we will continue to meet with our Witan and Thiegns to find a short term path forward for all Calontiri, and how to properly ensure the selection of our heirs.

We are sorry that you feel in the dark. We share your worries for friends, family, and Calontir. We are all working for the best possible outcome.

This is what Calontir does. We take the job no one wants and we make the best of it. We sing under the weight of the shield wall. We dig in. We outlast. We are dauntless.